Mars in Cancer

Mars, planet of action, pioneering, leadership and athleticism, in Cancer, sign of the home, the mother, nurturing, love, and family. Here in Cancer, Mars’ action is geared towards domestic life, and the home becomes an ego project.

Whenever we think about Mars, we should remember that it represents the active principle in nature. In Cancer, that means the emotional nature is active and changing. Natives with Mars in Cancer are very sensitive. They are driven to create, to nurture, to love and to protect the people they care about. They enjoy a sense of drama in their lives, whether directly or through the grapevine. They have a desire to be emotionally strewn about, as this is what makes them feel alive. At the same time, they would rather their personal drama be private.

The mother figure may inspire a strong emotional response that these natives don’t initially understand. For men, this is the momma’s boy lacking assertion and independence; for women, a strong desire for domestic duties. The placement of and aspects to the natal Moon could shed more light on that dynamic.

These natives are defensive of the home and often have a passion for domestic affairs. This passion can activate their creativity if they explore careers and hobbies like home decorum, the culinary arts, feng shui, or housekeeping. They excel at working in the home arena. They may also serve as lifeguards, fishermen, swimming instructors, and other careers that involve water. Water is an energizing element for these natives, and it is worth their while to find a place by the water where they can work or exercise.

Speaking of exercise: these people enjoy their privacy, so working out at home or in a small group is their best option. Various types of yoga, a home gym, or calisthenics are simple ways these people can stay healthy.

They must be aware of their diet, as Cancer represents the stomach. They can be prone to irritable bowel syndrome or inflammation in the gut if they are not eating responsibly.

People with natal Mars in Cancer must also monitor their emotional state. This placement typically signals emotional volatility, and the house placement will identify the main triggers. These natives benefit greatly from learning how to control their emotional nature instead of being lead by emotions. One manner of directing the emotions is through art, poetry, and other creative ventures.

Finally, those with Mars in Cancer require intimacy or an emotional attachment for a fulfilling sexual experience. The defensive nature of Cancer keeps them guarded until they feel comfortable enough, which is when the passionate nature of Mars can be exposed. Otherwise, they may tease and flirt with interested partners with zero intention of following through. For certain, they will keep their sexual secrets with them to the grave.

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