Mars in Leo

Mars, planet of action, pioneering, leadership, and athleticism, in Leo, sign of kings and queens, of passion, individualization, and children. In the sign of kings, Mars suggests a lack of inhibition in self expression.

Leo is the sign of the individual, of involution, of going within and shining forth the inner qualities. Perhaps it can be easy to see how Mars may have trouble in this sign: it represents our raw ego. In Leo, Mars is considered “peregrine” by default, meaning it influences the individual without input from other planets in the natal chart. This is considered even when Mars in Leo aspects another planet. The ego becomes intimately involved with selfish, often childish, attention-seeking behavior, disrupting genuine association with the external world.

People with natal Mars in Leo are typically brash, prideful, impulsive, tactless yet courageous, assertive, philanthropic and generous. They have a passion for children and a strong desire to raise their own children according to their particular views. They may not play sports themselves but are more than willing to gamble on the outcome of a heated competition.

Leo is always concerned with people, so these natives are usually in the public sphere somehow, most likely via work or by making enough noise. They are magnanimous, honor-bound, and treat the general public with kindness and respect. However, when they are upset or are acting in vain, they tend to be arrogant, demanding, offensively blunt, tantrum-prone, and lacking in self awareness.

Natives can be tyrannical, preferring their way or the highway. They are impatient with disappointment, although they may hide this if they are in a public space. In private, they will give their piece of mind and expect the other person to adapt to the situation immediately. They live by the motto “if you want something done right, do it yourself.”

Mars in Leo natives have no qualms about expressing themselves in anyway they choose, regardless of how they affect others. Sometimes they are completely unaware of how their speech and mannerisms turn off other people. They make demands of others without consideration which leads to betrayal or unfaithful servants and friends. They comment with snide or snarky remarks on others’ work and expect to be taken in stride or without offense. When offense is taken, they offer a lukewarm apology to save face.

This natal placement suggests these people are original, pioneering, and creative. They have a passion for partying, recreation and speculation. Care should be taken that they do not overspend while gambling as they truly enjoy taking risks and winning big. They should also avoid letting their big mouths get them into violent situations as their impulsive bloodlust and raging temper can create undesirable outcomes. Regret and embarrassment will seep in later as Leo tempers are temporary at best.

These natives are sexually conquering. They view sex as exciting and a wonderful expression of their vitality. However, with Mars involved, their sense of worth is determined by their sexual experience, so they will try to accumulate many partners. Recreational sex works best if both parties are upfront about keeping things casual. However, natives with Mars in Leo should avoid too many risky behaviors, as one slip up could have lifelong consequences.

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