Mars in Libra

Mars, planet of action, pioneering, leadership, and athleticism, in Libra, sign of intimate relationships, business, the fine arts, and marriage. Mars is in detriment in Libra, preferring to exhibit its passionate nature through a partner.

In astrology Mars represents our ego, sense of identity, our passions and desires that we seek to fulfill. With Mars in Libra, these natives tend to find their sense of self through the relationships they form. They are typically people-driven, either seeking friendships, intimacy, or clients. These natives invest much of their energy into their spouse and tend to self-sacrifice. That being said, natives with Mars in Libra tend to have softer personalities, more balanced tempers, peace-seeking attitudes, and a creative mind.

Natives with this placement are in danger of lacking a sense of self. Because they are so driven to seek relationships, they naturally look to other people for their needs and desires. They give of themselves too much, abandoning their own desires if their partners wishes it. They are also passionate and foolhardy, leaping into relationship after relationship off the whims of their feelings. Marriage may occur early to a partner that causes these natives much difficulty.

If these natives can remember what their own values mean to them, they can find an accommodating partner who shares their life view. Then they can be very active in the relationship and be a welcome source of motivation and drive. But it will likely only occur after they have made the many mistakes that occur when Mars is unable to operate on a healthy level. Then they can share what they have learned with their children, who will benefit tremendously from their mistakes.

Mars in Libra may indicate a life constantly faced with opposition and rivals, both open and secret. Something about the native just attracts the wrong (or right?) people. It could be their desire to interact with people, an act that Mars does not carry out too carefully. Nevertheless, just because they receive a lot of opposition does not mean they go often without victory! Thankfully, Mars’ placement in Libra suggests a civilized outlet for its fiery temperament; these people are great advocating for others as lawyers or putting their Martian desire for blood to good use as surgeons. They tend to be hardworking in a profession that leaves them one-on-one with a client.

Libra isn’t only about relationships, however; people with natal Mars in Libra have a love of fine arts, fine music, justice, law, and literature. They likely have many friends in high places with whom they discuss their ambitions and philosophical views. Libra suggests they love working with higher-order and refined ideas. Even though they prefer a high-class setting, they still keep a sharp edge for people who cross the line.

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