Mars in Scorpio

Mars, planet of action, pioneering, leadership, and athleticism, in Scorpio, sign of the subconscious, emotional depth, transformation, and the occult. In its second sign of rulership, Mars suggests a person who acts with determination, purpose, and secrecy.

Traditionally Mars is the ruler of Scorpio. Whereas in Aries Mars is a leader, pioneering, impatient, competitive, and foolhardy, in Scorpio, Mars is more reserved, methodical and determined in its actions. Recall that Scorpio is a fixed, water sign, almost completely opposite to the cardinal, fiery nature of Aries. If the Arian Mars is the war general who leads his troops on the battlefield, the Scorpion Mars is the tactician who organized the route the general would take.

Natal Mars in Scorpio suggests intense passions, possibly even obsessions. These people work with a plan under the radar and are dominant when achieving their goals. There is often an underlying agenda behind their words and accomplishments. Their manner may come across as forceful or controlling, especially if Mars is aspected by malefic planets.

Even though Scorpio represents the emotional nature as a water sign, this placement suggests a cold-hearted, vengeful or exacting personality. People with natal Mars in Scorpio are very intelligent, observant, and quick on the uptake. They know how to navigate their environment to get the results they desire. They also have respect and patience for people who get the job done.

Scorpio’s dark nature unfortunately works pretty well with Martian traits. If Mars is afflicted in the natal chart, these natives suffer from jealousy, vengefulness, plotting, being territorial, secrecy, manipulative tendencies, and controlling behaviors. They may associate with the rough crowd, be unsociable or combative, selfish, and many other undesirable traits. They may also suffer accidents and should be careful around sharp objects and poisonous substances.

The best careers for these individuals require intense concentration. People with their natal Mars in Scorpio are very determined when they put their mind to an objective. Surgeons, detectives, scientists, espionage agents, chemists, researchers, occultists, and herbalists are a few examples of occupations that would satisfy these natives’ desire to dive deep into a problem and find the solution.

In sexual matters, natives with Mars in Scorpio are dominating and enjoy passionate interactions with their partner. After all, Scorpio is the sign of depth and intensity, so one could only imagine the experiences to be had in the bedroom with a Scorpion Mars native. Keep in mind they probably prefer to keep their business private, not to mention they may have a dozen or so dirty kinks they want to explore. If the sexual dynamic can stay where it belongs, the relationship could be extremely rewarding.

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