Saturn Retrograde: May – October 2021

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Over these next few months, Saturn will appear to move backwards in the sky against the zodiac. Saturn’s retrograde trip starts from about 13° Aquarius on May 23 and ends at 7° Aquarius on October 10. In astrology we see this as a weakening of that planet’s associations, namely old traditions, internal or external limitations, challenges, imposed restrictions, fear and worry.

In other words, this summer is gearing up to be one of much adventure, excitement and accomplishment, provided that we have been doing the work for the past few months to enjoy this time now.

Saturn went retrograde on May 23rd, 2021 and will remain retrograde until October 10, 2021.

Most people run away from Saturn when it comes up in conversation; they fear its significance as the restrictor, the party-pooper, or the planet that offers difficult challenges. However, the point of these hardships is to refine our talents so that we can achieve mastery in our given crafts. Without hardship, we don’t encounter difficulties in life that encourage growth of our abilities.

Retrograde = Review Time

Saturn suggests a hinderance or delay as it makes contact (or aspects) with important points and planets in the natal chart. Typically these challenges involve authority figures of some sort, attempting to instill their boundaries on the native. We are also challenged by our own fears and doubts, afraid to make changes and big decisions. Saturn transits manifest as events that alter the planned course, or obstacles we were too optimistic to consider.

However, with Saturn in retrograde motion, we get a “second chance” to review those topics and situations that came up during the shadow period of Saturn’s transit. During this time, Saturn’s influence is more lenient, and we get a chance to observe the challenges we faced in a calmer, slightly more experienced setting. It is the difference between a ball-busting army colonel and a hippy high school teacher.

In context, the biggest issue the world has been facing recently is reopening the economy after being out of commission for more than a year. The challenge is continuing to manage a wide range responsibilities while in the middle of a pandemic. People have also been worried about their governments during this time seizing enormous amounts of power, citing the pandemic as a valid reason.

However, the intensity should lessen up, especially as more people get vaccinated and talk about the virus begins to slowly die down. The virus will likely not be completely gone from our lexicon after this summer, but the fashionable fear surrounding the subject will wane. For a moment, life will seem to return to normal before Saturn goes direct again in October. We may even see the workforce begin to revive if things really turn out well.

Saturn Retrograde: Time for Planning

When Saturn releases its menacing grip, people tend to feel a weight lifted from their shoulders. Life becomes more graceful and forgiving; lessons are less penalizing; restrictions are slightly alleviated. As such this summer season could be a flowering period for many who have recently sown seeds and taken action to grow during the pandemic. It will also be a time for reviewing what can be done better.

Trouble may occur around mid-June, where Saturn forms a square aspect with transiting Uranus in Taurus. Saturn and Uranus have a weird relationship; both have rulership over Aquarius and are alike in some ways. Saturn and Uranus (as far as Aquarius is concerned) are both concerned with providing something of worth to humanity as a whole, building the foundation for future generations.

If you have missed it previously, I already spoke about erratic Uranus in Taurus, about how our values would change and it would cause a huge disruption in our daily lives. Well, values have certainly changed in the past two years! People are now making the shift to cryptocurrency; relationships are breaking apart while other bonds are becoming stronger; people are making career changes as the previous economy dies a slow death.

Saturn squaring this energy shows a resistance to let things go, to let change naturally happen. This retrograde period is a great time to rethink priorities and to examine where we are in life. Are we heading towards an end goal, maintaining motivation even through this pandemic situation? Or are we drifting by and waiting for things to end, not really planning for anything either way?

Proceeding with a long-term plan is crucial. Failure to do so means riding this powerful wave without intention. It means another few months of unconsciousness, waiting for someone else to take the wheel.

Find Your Place: Your Tribe is Waiting

If we have learned anything from this pandemic, hopefully it is that we need people. We all need assistance in our lives; no man is an island. Equally so, there is someone or some group out there who needs our help as well. Saturn in Aquarius represents the journey of finding our place in the community, circling back to how we provide value to humanity.

More than ever, we should be thinking about the folks with whom we can accomplish great things. We should be thinking about who we want to work with, build with, and establish something of value long-term.

As a matter of fact, we’ll be keeping track of Saturn’s retrograde movement. In the next post, we will see how Saturn retrograde affects each house so you can walk away with some insight.

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