Mars in Sagittarius

Mars, planet of action, pioneering, leadership, and athleticism, in Sagittarius, sign of higher education, philosophy, law, spirituality, and foreign cultures. This placement suggests a love of freedom, learning, and exploring the world.

Natal Mars in Sagittarius suggests a free-loving, optimistic, honest, energetic, ambitious, and confident personality. These natives enjoy a good competition, whether participating or watching, and are typically athletic and sportsmanlike. Sagittarius makes these people generous, philanthropic, and provident. They may be impulsive slaves to their desires. These natives are world explorers and want to experience much in life. They may also have a knack for training animals.

With this placement, the philosophical nature of Mars is highlighted. Occult, religious, and legal topics are everyday talking points for these natives. They are given intuition and foresight thanks to Sagittarius, and quite often they are chosen to give advice and inspire their family and friends.

Sagittarius can expand too much, however; people with Mars in Sagittarius have their head in the clouds sometimes because they are so optimistic they feel invincible. They can be overconfident, overestimate their abilities, or brag too much. Many times these natives can be too blunt with their opinion. They will say what’s on their mind without worrying about the opinions of others.

Care should be taken if the natal Mars is afflicted, especially when travelling. This could also indicate a person who splurges their money or resources as soon as they obtain them. In relationships, this placement can signal infidelity in marriage and difficulty getting along with the spouse’s siblings. Another indication of this affliction is conflict with religious belief systems. Because their ego is deeply tied to their opinions and beliefs, anything that goes against them can feel like a personal attack.

If Mars is well aspected in the natal chart, it signals a beneficial marriage, business partnership, or through inheritance. It could suggest multiple consensual relationships and a protective/provident personality. These are the happy-go-lucky people who are highly motivated towards achieving their goals.

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Note that ONE placement does not completely describe how a planet will manifest in a person’s life; the energy of the entire chart will be able to determine how the various planets combine together to form the picture that is you. If you would like a complete profile of what your natal planets mean for you, you can contact me here to receive more information.

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