Mars in Capricorn

Mars, planet of action, pioneering, leadership, and athleticism, in Capricorn; the sign of ambition, accomplishment, labor, struggle, and discipline. In exaltation, Mars is very ambitious, dedicated, and productive.

This placement indicates an individual with high work ethic, who is accomplished, dedicated and laborious, goal-oriented, and a manager. Mars is exalted in Capricorn, and so the energies work extremely well for business. A person with this natal placement can be patient and methodical in achieving their career goals. He can be a cutthroat businessman who is all-work and no fun.

Mars in Capricorn natives tend to be physically fit, operating well as bodyguards, bouncers, security, soldiers, generals, martial artists, gym teachers, sports coaches, Olympic athletes, or other physically-dominant professions where discipline is crucial. Once they set their eyes on a prize, by sheer willpower they execute every available resource to attain that prize. Mars’ drive is a perfect fit for Capricorn’s structured and masterful nature.

The key to Mars in Capricorn is the type of authority figures the native encounters in life. If Mars is well-aspected in the chart, these people utilize their passion to realize material gains with a relatively well-mannered attitude. They tend to be honorable people who use fair measures to rise to high rankings. Their social circles are typically masters and teachers who have shown them how to succeed using their own creativity and passion for a chosen vocation. They may have a father who is very active, in the armed forces, or who motivates the native to achieve success.

With afflictions to Mars comes a chance of participating in darker crowds, succumbing to shadowy desires. They may operate as highwaymen, work security in a crime syndicate, or a similar profession. Instead of setting goals that have long-term benefits, they are likely to choose instant gratification, or professions that pay quickly though not legally. It is also likely the father is a man of questionable morals.

In terms of sex, Mars in Capricorn natives are usually traditional or conservative. An early marriage could be better for their success than . For them, sex is a means to an end. They could participate in casual sex, but only if the desired mate is a challenge. They are also likely to have affairs with people of authority.

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Note that ONE placement does not completely describe how a planet will manifest in a person’s life; the energy of the entire chart will be able to determine how the various planets combine together to form the picture that is you. If you would like a complete profile of what your natal planets mean for you, you can contact me here to receive more information.

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