Mars in Aquarius

Mars, planet of action, pioneering, leadership, and athleticism, in Aquarius, sign of intellect and genius, humanity as a whole, and invention. In this sign, Mars works with his genius and intellect for the greater good.

Natives with natal Mars in Aquarius understand that life is about more than themselves. At the same time, they are independent and individualistic and have a strong need for their personal freedom. They are rare people who innately understand that the group can only be the sum of its parts. This placement suggests brilliance, innovation, wit, ambition, originality, inventiveness, and eccentric behavior. Generally they have settled opinions and find it difficult to alter their perspective. When they do change their mind, it is usually a complete 180 from their previous view.

Mars in Aquarius natives enjoy connecting larger groups of people together. Aquarius, after all, represents humanity as a whole, organizations, and collectives. These people are motivated by the social groups around them, and may easily fall for social justice imperatives. They must be careful that their brigades for the average person are justified and fact-based, instead of egotistical righteousness. They can gain financially from working at an honest organization that serves the public.

If Mars is afflicted in the natal chart, these people may express themselves through rebellion or playing devil’s advocate. They can be pugnacious, blunt, abrasive, destructive (think: angry mobs), and resort to vandalism. This behavior might lead them to being ostracized from their friends and family and making many enemies. They may utilize their genius for the wrong organizations and people. They may also experience much opposition from other organizations and groups who do not condone the native’s activities.

When Mars is well-aspected, Mars in Aquarius natives are movement-makers. They are the warriors who fight with their brains and pens rather than their fists. Science in general, debate, mechanics, public reform, welfare, philosophy, literature, and the occult are some paths these people may choose. They make great leaders of people and effective government workers.

In sexual matters, natal Mars in Aquarius suggests these natives enjoy constant variety in the bedroom. To them, the sex act is an adventure that explores the bond between them and their partner. They may also have eccentric, taboo, or unique sexual interests.

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Note that ONE placement does not completely describe how a planet will manifest in a person’s life; the energy of the entire chart will be able to determine how the various planets combine together to form the picture that is you. If you would like a complete profile of what your natal planets mean for you, you can contact me here to receive more information.

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