Mars in Pisces

Mars, planet of action, pioneering, leadership, and athleticism, in Pisces, sign of the imagination, boundless creativity, spirituality, and infinite compassion. In this sign, Mars suggest a spiritual, empathic warrior with immense sensitivities.

Pisces offers Mars a different field for battle. As opposed to fighting for the home in Cancer or fighting behind the scenes in Scorpio, Mars fights on the spiritual plane in Pisces. These individuals are likely to embark on a spiritual path, venture into occult studies, or strongly adhere to a belief system. Pisces’ main focus is on beliefs and imagination, so for these natives it is important that they believe in something bigger than themselves. However, it must personally matter to them as Mars involves the ego and sense of self into the mix.

Natal Mars in Pisces usually suggests people with psychic capabilities, like telepathy, mediumship, lucid dreaming, or astral travelers. They are driven to serve the world using their vast empathy to guide their feet. Because they are so sensitive, they need to safeguard themselves from people who may take advantage of their natural lack of boundaries. Otherwise, they will find themselves bending backwards for every person they come across. Nonetheless, they are imaginative, creative, artistic, happy-go-lucky, and generally optimistic.

Mars in Pisces natives can find success in creative mundane professions as photography, art, media, or music. Philanthropic positions like social work, hospice care, volunteering and the like are also beneficial. These people are often spiritually gifted and will find success in those fields regardless of what their society, friends or family suggest. What they need more than anything is the space to explore those realms so they can discover the depth of their sensitivity. They need to occasionally retreat from the world to regain their strength.

If Mars is afflicted in these natives’ charts, they will misplace their trust in the wrong people and face constant betrayal. If they are not careful, they can lose their sense of self in a cause that does not provide an adequate reward for their hard work. Years will pass and they will soon feel intense anger, mainly towards themselves, for the time they have wasted.

Alternatively, they might have a poor sense of responsibility and waste their time on frivolous matters. As Pisces is a water sign, these natives may also be subject to irritability, oversensitivity, and overreactions which can lead to poor mental health. Mars in Pisces natives may also run into false gurus and teachers who abuse their tidings and vitality for their own purposes.

Sexually, these natives are open to their partner completely. This is one of the only spaces where a Pisces’ openness should not present an issue in a relationship. They are mostly submissive and work to serve their partners. One problem they may have is learning to be entirely open to a spouse. Pisces is more of an open sign, being the last of the social signs (Libra – Pisces). These natives must learn to focus their main attention on one person, while sharing a platonic love with the rest of the world.

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