August Update

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Hello to everyone! First, I just want to say thank you to the people who have recently followed. I really appreciate it! Please continue to read, like, and share the content. It really does help me grow and spread the message that astrology can be a guide rather than a gossip column afterthought. 🙂

You may have noticed that I have taken a break from writing for a few weeks. Well, I’ve had to readjust my priorities a bit. I’ve been taking software engineering classes and it’s going pretty well for now. But although I’ve given it much attention, that does not mean I’m done with Karma-Free Astrology.

I’ve also been dealing with a lot of personal issues, going to therapy, healing and working to change my habits so I can be more productive in my professional life.


But not everything is sour!

I did hit some milestones so far this year, including:

  • Purchasing the domain so the URL is neater
  • Restructuring the homepage
  • Reworking some planet pages (which you can check out here)
  • Writing articles for the inner planets (Sun – Mars) in the zodiac signs
  • Done some current event articles and transits (although admittedly I want to do much more)
  • Growing number of views every month (!)

Where to next?

The goal for the rest of the year is to get through the rest of the planets through the zodiac signs (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto), which should be quite a challenge especially past Saturn. I will liter some special articles here and there, but the main focus now is to complete the foundation of the site.

The outer planets are interesting to explore because they are quite new in recorded human history. Our ancestors have seen and dealt with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn because these bodies could by observed by the naked eye.

But once we start getting into Uranus, and especially Pluto, we have to see how the cycles of these planets affected the population in history. In fact, Neptune and Pluto move so slow, that for some of their interpretations our only reference are past cycles. Not to mention that their slow movement creates a more generalized affect rather than a personal one, which would be more clearly seen by the house placement in a natal chart.

I’m getting way ahead of myself, but you can tell how excited I am even thinking about it!

An extra challenge for the year would be to record Chiron through the signs. Chiron is another recent discovery in astrology/astronomy (discovered in 1977), but its interpretation is vastly important in understanding our emotional and childhood wounds, and how we can transform our personal pain into powerful healing for others.

Podcast Revival? Live Streaming?

One more thing: I have considered live streaming, and this fall I might just act on it! Soon, you will be able to interact with me in real time, ask questions, and get some astrology tutorials and walkthroughs.

However, I would be very curious to know what other people interested in astrology would like to see or hear. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see covered, maybe a celebrity’s chart, a transit chart, synastry, or what have you, please let me know in the comments.

Welp it’s back to the grindstone. Again, thanks for sticking with me this far. Until next time, adios!

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