Lizzo’s Natal Chart

This post we’ll be looking at the natal chart of Melissa Jefferson, a.k.a. Lizzo.

This post is mainly for practice, detailing just one way to read a natal chart. It helps that Ms. Jefferson is a public figure, so we can check the receipts to see if the astrology matches up.

Let’s get into it.

Using 0° Aries House system due to unknown birth time

Big Three: Sun, Moon, Ascendant

When we first check a horoscope, there are three initial main points of interest:

Without a proper birth time, we cannot identify Lizzo’s ascendant without doing a rectification chart. Rectification charts are technical, so I will not attempt one here.


Lizzo has seven planets in earth signs (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune), suggesting a practical approach to life. Most likely materialistic, resource-driven, sensual, yet also constantly worried and doubtful, anxious and fearful. Earth signs are subject to these negative emotions.

The next element with the most planets is air. Her Venus, Mars, and Chiron are all in air signs. Chiron in Gemini may relate to never feeling heard as a child. It is a pain of losing one’s voice when it matters. When a person with this placement grows older, and does not resolve those wounds, they may tend to say controversial things, talk over people, speak loudly, or ramble whenever they get the chance – they feel a need to steal the microphone. Meanwhile, Mars and Venus in air signs is indicative of a social dater.

Lizzo has one planet (Pluto) and the North Node in water signs, suggesting lower sensitivity and emotional relatability. However, Pluto adds a depth of emotion that Lizzo is probably aware of by this point. Combined with the above mentioned Chiron in Gemini, this can make for someone who speaks their mind. Life can also feel like a scramble because of the Plutonian influence.


There is a lot going on here, so let’s break it down, piece by piece.

Closest aspects

I personally like to start out looking at the closest aspects in a person’s chart. By “closest” I mean with an orb as close to 0° as possible. Often the most prevalent issue or benefit in a person’s life can be seen by looking at the most exact aspects, as they are acute in a person’s life experience.

For Lizzo, her closest aspects are her Venus Square the Nodes, and her Jupiter Opposed to Pluto.

  • Venus Square Nodes: If you are searching for a healthy relationship to get your life started, this aspect has probably been the monkey wrench in your mechanisms. Any planet squaring the nodes is sign of discontent related to the planet. Her love life is likely rife with disappointments, as she will often need to decide between choosing a mate or continuing moving forward. If only Lizzo could find a man in her class… This is made even more difficult by her natal Venus in Gemini and her Mars in Aquarius – both indicators of a social butterfly and serial dater.
  • Jupiter Opposed Pluto: This is often a sign of betrayal by one’s peers and society, a tearing down of someone high status out of envy of their position and power. Lizzo is currently seeing this now, as she recently made a video lamenting the amount of negative comments she received after releasing a single titled “Rumors”. (We will see in a second how ironic that naming was.) Generally with this aspect as Jupiter grows, Pluto plots. This is not to say Lizzo is alone in life; she likely has a small circle of close friends and family whom she trusts.

From these two aspects alone, Lizzo seemingly has issues with dating and finding a partner who is in tune with her mission. She may also have trust issues that sit in the back of her mind everyday. She may have seen her original friends switch gears and “act different” as she rose to fame. I don’t know this for certain, but if I’m wrong, Lizzo herself can tell me otherwise.

Important Clumps

With the most exact aspects out of the way, let’s look at some bigger placements in her chart.

Sun conjunct Mercury and Jupiter in Taurus:

When the Sun and Jupiter are conjunct, the individual is lucky beyond belief. Many astrologers say this is one of the most beneficial aspects to have in astrology. Lizzo’s life was probably laden left and right with ripe opportunities.

However, Mercury adds trouble, particularly when it comes to planning for the future. This is because the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury symbolizes a visionary; she may have lucid ideas and good talking points, but they are too idealistic, too dreamy – just as when Icarus flew too closely to the Sun and was burned for ignoring his father’s advice.

Jupiter already has a tendency to overlook the fine details when things are going well, which makes idealism and overstepping her boundaries easy (like DMing Chris Evans). Fortunately, Lizzo has many planets in earth signs to keep her somewhat realistic about her goals.

These three planets together symbolize an individual who can think and shoot farther than most, and is usually lucky enough or has enough opportunity to hit their mark. However, as with everything in life, that luck will run dry, and eventually Mercury and Jupiter will have to come up with more realistic ideas than the individual would like.

Sensuality plays a huge part in Lizzo’s decision-making, as symbolized by this conjunction in Taurus. It would explain her weight issues as well, since Taurus-natives tend to be more rotund and indulgent. The inclusion of Jupiter in the sign of Venus shows she loves to party and attend big gatherings where she can meet many people. Mercury and Jupiter also suggest a fancy for information of all types, especially gossip and rumors (see the irony now?), and it is easy for Lizzo to get distracted by trivialities.

And yes, she probably talks a lot, seen by the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction.

Saturn conjunct Uranus, Neptune in Capricorn:

These outer planets in her “tenth” house (aka in Capricorn) means she is swept up by her public life. Neptune adds an air of mystery, glamour, creativity, and musical talent. It also adds to that aforementioned idealism, this time in her career and public life. There may be things she expects from fame or publicity that she didn’t expect (i.e. receiving negative comments). Her stage outfits are often glamorous, shiny, and over-the-top.

With Neptune, however, also comes deception and illusions. On stage (in astrology, the tenth house, or Capricorn) and in her music, Lizzo puts out a confident, assertive personality. But as she showed on Instagram Live on August 15th, she’s actually a sensitive person who expressed deep pain at negative comments she received. Even then, some people believe her tears were faked and that she livestreamed for more attention. Whether that’s true or not is not the scope of this article – we just care about the fact that her true nature is indiscernible to public, which is a Neptunian trait.

Saturn and Uranus are more alike than people think; after all Saturn was the traditional ruler of Uranus’ current ruling sign, Aquarius. The difference is that Saturn seeks mastery and discipline, while Uranus seeks excitement and independence. Together, with Saturn in its primary ruling sign of Capricorn, this combination is fantastic for leading an independent career. Plus the addition of Neptune makes perfect sense why Lizzo is famous as a lyricist.

The Major Trine

The previous two aspects we discussed are actually trine to each other!

These six planets are in harmonious aspect with one another. Trine aspects signify unity and easy use of the planets involved. They blend well together in an individual’s character and are quite often beneficial.

We can see that Lizzo’s sensual, materialistic lifestyle couples well with her musical talent. She also transmutes her dating pain into art:

  • Her top-peeking song on Billboard 100, “Truth Hurts”, sheds some light on her dating failures: Lizzo speaks about a man who was “non-commital” (dating around? Venus in Gemini + Mars in Aquarius!) and lost out on having her. She brags and self-aggrandizes, showing off how much better she is after their time together. Bragging and haughtiness are represented by that Sun-Mercury-Jupiter conjunction. In fact, we can see evidence of her dating pain in other songs as well: “Good as Hell”, “Boys”, “Soulmate”, etc.
  • Her song “Juice” features a few comparisons to food (“I’m like chardonnay”; “I’m not a snack at all/… I’m the whole damn meal”; “I’m the pudding in the proof”) and many references to the glamorous lifestyle people tend to associate with high class. These are hallmarks of her Taurus stellium.
  • In “Soulmate”, not only does Lizzo seem to give up on the dating scene, she announces herself as her own soulmate, repeating mantras that are idealistic, yet also solipsistic. Once again that Sun-Mercury-Jupiter has a tendency to go a bit overboard, where Lizzo sings about marrying herself and falling in love with her reflection. That Taurus laziness and sensuality peeks out of her frame when she says “And she never tells me to exercise/ We always get extra fries”.
  • In several of her songs, Lizzo explains how she uses alcohol and other narcotics to subdue her pain or enjoy herself. Alcohol and drugs are two other major keywords from Neptune.
  • Lizzo also has a way of including listeners who have gone through the same pain she has. Neptunian energy contains boundlessness and of the emotions of the mob. Lizzo taps into this energy easily with Neptune trine to her natal Sun-Mercury conjunction.
  • Many of Lizzo’s older songs were told as stories through a romantic lens. She has also featured in media many times, either as an artist, hostess, voice actor, and actress. More of that influence of Neptune.
  • Her career started off slow then came in strong, which is indicative of the value Saturn added. Not only is Saturn in it’s home sign, but it is also trine to her natal Sun-Jupiter conjunction. Lizzo’s rise to fame was meteoric, and she has earned several awards for her work as well.

I could go on, but I think you see the big picture here: Lizzo often sings about her previous woes using a false, confident persona. This, along with her ability to connect with her audience through mutual pain, is what makes her a great musician. Although previously her Chiron in Gemini may have left her feeling unheard in her youth, Lizzo can now reach out to several hundreds of thousands of fans around the world!


I did not want this article to drag on for too long, but I’ve been wanting to do material like this for a while. While there is more we can explore with Lizzo’s chart, this is a good place to stop. I think this does a good job of showing how to integrate planet meanings with the signs, all while adding the influence of layers of aspects.

Even though we didn’t cover every single detail about the chart, what we discussed was enough to even verify with her musical career. I hope this encourages you to read more charts yourself and to learn what your natal chart says about you.

Thanks for reading! Did you enjoy? Give this article a like, share, and leave a comment below.

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