Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter, planet of success, philosophy, religion, and expansion, in Taurus, sign of practicality, reserve, resources, and artistic creativity. In this rigid sign, Jupiter enjoys his time on the material plane.

Jupiter in earth signs acts more reserved, practical, and sensual, and in Taurus that is no different. As Venus rules Taurus, and Venus and Jupiter are both benefics, this placement suggests a love of partying, pleasure, and recreational activities.

Natives with Jupiter in Taurus are likely to indulge in sweets and drinks, enjoy revelry and downtime, and have the resources on-hand to partake in pleasure-seeking. Their propensity to party and indulge cannot be denied; Taurus would prefer the good times now while the work can wait. However, Taurus also represents reservation, perseverance, determination, patience, and money. Therefore people with this placement are just as likely to be hard-working to obtain the money they need to satisfy their desires.

These natives are likely to be charismatic, entertaining, jovial, easygoing, popular, and indulgent. If they are not careful, their indulgence can lead to weight issues. People with Jupiter in Taurus may be wise resource managers. Bank managers, warehouse managers, granaries, and other positions where they are in charge of resources or valuables fit well. And because of the generous and just nature of Jupiter, they are likely to be fair when in those positions.

Jupiter in Taurus may signal fantastic money-making skills. Taurus represents money, banking, riches, and the like; Jupiter represents growth and opportunity. These natives are either determined and smart enough to work hard and save wisely, or they are provided money by a fortunate turn of events and come into wealth this way. If Jupiter is afflicted in the natal chart, however, this ability may wane or be nonexistent until the native seeks a remedy.

Taurus also represents creativity, music, and art. Natives with Jupiter in Taurus may be artists or musicians. Their art may reflect their own sensuality and materialistic mindset. They may have a love of beauty and flood their homes with art or decorations for their visual pleasure.

Finally, Jupiter in Taurus may represent a person who appreciates and ultimately benefits from their family’s culture and traditions. They may partake in rituals or prayers to pay respect to their culture. This provides a window to spirituality for what is otherwise a base, materialistic placement. These natives may even make more gains when they honor their family’s culture, though the natal chart’s second house will have more to add on to that.

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