Sun-Sun Synastry Aspects

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Synastry charts are a crucial way for astrologers to help people understand the totality of their relationships. In synastry, an astrologer examines the interaction between two people’s natal charts. If it sounds intimidating, don’t worry. This series is dedicated to shedding light on the meaning of synastry aspects.

For instance, how does a Sun-Sun aspect in synastry affect your relationship? Keep reading to find out.

In synastry the Sun has the same symbolism as in natal readings: the ego, will, personality, life purpose, and sense of self. The aspects between two people’s natal Suns influence their identity, for better or for worse. Do note, though, that no one aspect will completely define a relationship. Also, people always have free will to decide how they will act and who will stay in their lives. Keep reading to learn more.

How does your personality fare against someone else’s sense of ego and will?

Sun-Sun Conjunction

Meeting Sun-conjunct-Sun can feel like a competition to fulfill the same roles.

In synastry, conjunctions typically show intense similarities. So when two Suns are conjunct, those two people will have identical tendencies, life purposes, and ideologies. It will be almost like staring into a psychological mirror. They completely understand each other’s way of life. This can indicate a great friendship or at least cooperation and agreement to some extent.

However, this cooperation will likely not last long. After all, there is only one Sun in our sky. After a while, a rivalry can develop as these two natives find themselves vying for the same position. It is a race to see who fulfills the sun sign tendencies more. This competition does not have to be unhealthy, and these two natives can push each other to succeed amicably.

Another affect of this aspect is what I like to call the “Freaky Friday effect.” Freaky Friday is a film where a mother and daughter switch bodies and live out each other’s perspectives for a day. Synastry charts are very much like permanent transits, where if a person enters your life whose natal Saturn is conjunct to your Venus, that effect will always be felt when you are around that individual. In this case, these two people share the same natal Sun degree, so any aspects that are made to their own natal Sun is also made to the partner’s natal Sun. Thus these people experience first-hand the struggles or joys of each others’ lives.

Sun-Sun Sextile/Trine

For whatever reason, the energy between you two is consistently positive and complimentary.

Sextiles and trines are similar in synastry, so we mention them together. These two people experience an ease of being when together. They allow each other to shine just by being themselves. Two planets that are making a sextile or trine aspect are often in compatible signs. For example, Aries sextiles Aquarius and Gemini; fire and air are compatible elements. Therefore this aspect insinuates two people that share complimentary life goals, outlooks, and behaviors. They are likely to succeed when they cooperate in business, as lovers, or as friends. The trine is pretty much the same, except more flowing and easygoing, similar to fitting a puzzle piece in its right place.

Sun-Sun Square

Squares add friction, but if managed well can lead to growth and understanding.

The square aspect will always indicate an irritation between two people; in this case, the two elements of the planets involved are not compatible and usually bring up issues in the relationship. Think Aries and Cancer; fire and water do not mix. Neither are air and water, fire and earth, or earth and air. These elements are at odds with each other in nature and even when describing the temperaments of people.

Either partner may not fully understand the other’s motivations. They just don’t make sense as each person is so accustomed to dealing with life a certain way. Earth signs find air signs annoying for how loquacious and shallow they are; fire signs get tired of sensitive water signs. Water signs are frustrated by the air signs’ lack of emotional intelligence; fire signs are sedated and made anxious thanks to how neurotic earth signs can be.

Both people will have to adjust to their partner. Often irritation is an impetus for maturity and development, albeit at the cost of comfort and association. Sun-square-Sun relationships are usually not long-term relationships, but if the people involved can work through their differences, they both emerge from the encounter much wiser and more aware of themselves.

Sun-Sun Opposition

They say opposites attract, but “what” they attract is a different story each time.

Sun-Sun oppositions may initially sound like the worst, but remember the adage “opposites attract.” Sometimes this aspect indicates rivalry; as opposed to vying for the same seat, however, these people are often hold diametrically opposed viewpoints on life. Sometimes this schism is a reason for coming together to break bread and discuss differences. Sometimes they realize that not much is different at all.

Also notice that for much of the zodiac, the opposing signs do slightly compliment each other. Aries is self-centered, honest, and direct; Libra is passive, self-sacrificing, and appeasing. Capricorn wants to go out and achieve; Cancer stays home to ensure safety and comfort when needed. These two energies actually work well together, especially in a healthy relationship.

The alternative to talking about differences is fighting over them. These are the people with whom there is seemingly no middle ground. They are not willing to compromise and might even be antagonistic. The best course of action is to avoid these people altogether.

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