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September 15th, 2021 marks a huge moment in history: the first all-civilian mission to space. Today, I want to look at the astrology involved in this date. What was going on in the skies at the exact moment this story was revealed, and does it match with the facts of the event? Keep reading to find out.

One Small Step For Man…

What’s so special about this mission is that it marks the first space flight without a trained astronaut. In fact the flight, dubbed Inspiration4, is commanded by Jared Issacman, founder and billionaire CEO of Shift4 Payments. He is accompanied by Hayley Arceneaux, a physician assistant at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital; and contest winners Chris Sembroski – aerospace data engineer – and Sian Proctor, a community college educator. The Dragon spacecraft launched from Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Wednesday evening around 8:13pm. The amateur crew plans to orbit the Earth for three days before landing.

The Dragon spacecraft was created by none other than Elon Musk’s SpaceX program. It boasts a fully automated system, eliminating the need for a pilot. This demonstrates the technological progress made since our first adventure into space. Inspiration4 will even go further than Jeff Bezos recently traveled in Verizon’s Blue Origin spacecraft, and for much longer. The four crew members may not be highly-trained astronauts, but they aren’t complete amateurs either; since March 2021 the crew had undergone various forms of aerospace training for civilians in preparation for Inspiration4.

The primary purpose of Inspiration4 is raising $200 million USD for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital to help research the cure for cancer. SpaceX also considered the health implications, claiming this would open the doors to “conducting research designed to advance human health on Earth and during future long-duration spaceflights.” While in orbit, the team will conduct several experiments in “space medicine”. The findings of all data, even those related to the commercialized space training the crew received, will be made openly available to all for research purposes.

One Giant Leap for Big Business

However, we must not be blinded by the idealism behind this great feat, especially since both SpaceX and Inspiration4 are viewing this as a means to commercialize space tourism and travel. First off, this mission is privately funded by Jared Issacman, who refused to share how much this ordeal has cost him. Both NASA and the government actually have no involvement in Inspiration4 whatsoever, but both have their eyes on this project.

The main purpose of this event is to raise money for curing child cancer. Inspiration4‘s main goal is to raise awareness of St. Jude’s Hospital and encourage up to $200 million in donations. In addition, a few unique items from St. Jude hospitals will be brought aboard the spacecraft and auctioned after the mission.

The Astrology

This chart of the launch is timed to the moment the launch initiated on Wednesday evening. The house system is set to 0° Aries, as we are just checking an event chart. However, the ascendant of this moment happened to lie in Aries, so one could also consider the chart as using the Whole Signs system.

Event chart for the first all-civilian space mission


What’s really highlighted here is Chiron, whose “discovery return” in Taurus is slowly approaching. This astronomical body rests almost exactly on the ascendant the moment of the launch! When Chiron was discovered (late 1977), cancer was such a world-recognized issue that then-U.S.-president Richard Nixon declared a “war on cancer” and established the National Cancer Program. This program received an initial investment of $500 million taxpayer dollars to get started.

The world’s obsession with cancer increased the medical field’s awareness of how pharmaceuticals can be harmful with unintended side effects. At the same time, private doctors began doing their own research. Is it ironic that, 50 years prior, the first director of St. Jude hospital discovered an effective cure for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. This drastically increased the survival rate of child cancer patients, further improving St. Jude’s public image.


Fifty years later we find an eerily similar narrative: cancer is again the “enemy”, while the fundraising is provided again by the general population (via donations) for St. Jude (again), and all this is handled by billionaire Jared Issacman, a high status individual. Issacman’s monetary input for the mission was undisclosed, but we know he is hoping for St. Jude to receive $200 million to fight against cancer, which would improve St. Jude’s public image.

For one, this is obviously a cycle related to Chiron’s movement, and I’m sure there are more details in history that could explain deeper the connection between Chiron and the medical field.

Another point is the shift in buying power over the years from the government to the civilian. Although the rich have always had the means to make bigger political decisions than the average person, Inspiration4 isn’t entirely political; its focus is on the commercialization of space travel and conducting research to increase our knowledge of human health in space.

Cancer is an incurable disease, closely related to Chiron’s mythology of the wounded healer who cannot heal his own fatal wound. Twice we see this nemesis of humanity (cancer) come around as Chiron passes through Aries.

Let’s look at the chart and see what it has to say.

Chiron conjunct Asc in Aries – Pioneer in Medicine

This conjunction in Aries really marks the entire image of the Inspiration4 mission – even its name is a beneficial trait of Aries. Inspiration4 is a pioneer mission in human history, the first of its kind in medicine; Chiron’s involvement matches with the tonality of doctors, medicine, healing a difficult sickness, and philanthropy. This leads to pretty convincing evidence that Chiron does represents these topics. The ascendant in Aries is also indicative of an inspirational, influential individual; we see that in Inspiration4‘s namesake and goal to “inspire” people to donate to St. Jude.

Uranus in Taurus – Technological Breakthroughs

The fact that there were zero highly-trained astronauts on board is a testament to the automated capabilities of SpaceX’s Dragon capsule. Having been used previously for unmanned missions, the Dragon spacecraft is a marvelous wonder of technology finalized in 2010. It is one of SpaceX’s most innovative designs, being the first commercially built and operated space object in history. Dragon is also the first commercial object to attach to the ISS (International Space Station), mainly as a cargo vessel. Because of Dragon’s success, SpaceX is contracted by NASA to make deliveries to the ISS.

Thus we can see Uranus in Taurus acting out another effect: innovative economic ventures. Make no mistake: this event has sparked a huge interest in space tourism, and eventually, with the results of the Inspiration4 crew’s training being open to all for research, more companies will start looking at space as another commercial investment.

The psychological effect of Inspiration4 is unclear, as Taurus also represents our values. How will humanity value space exploration moving forward? After having three billionaires make space trips within the same season, how will this affect other entrepreneurs taking the dive into space tourism? Also, what other technologies could be on the horizon, with advancements like SpaceX’s Dragon leading an untrained crew on a three-day mission in orbit? Space exploration has often led to new technologies on the civilian market.

Sun in Virgo – Doctors, Medicine, Health Industry

Virgo is a sign of service, doctors, civil duties, medicine, and health. No wonder that this mission is dedicated to the research and analysis (both Virgoan traits) of human health in the orbit environment. It highlights the all-civilian crew on the Dragon. It highlights the skill and technical prowess to create such a vehicle as Dragon, and to conduct unique experiments and research in space.

This Sun was also trine to Pluto in Capricorn, symbolizing a powerful decision or commander; something that should demand everyone’s attention. But with Pluto, there could be some force operating under the radar. How odd that Issacman would not reveal the cost of the mission, when both Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson’s bills are apparent for anyone to Google.

Midheaven, Moon, and Pluto in Capricorn – For Image

Capricorn hosted a dense collection of points during the Inspiration4 launch. First the Moon, planet of public and daily affairs, was right next to Pluto and the midheaven. This is certainly going to be a public event! In Capricorn, this suggests a business or profession in healing or rejuvenation, such as public hospitals or private medicine. This can be a reference to St. Jude or the mission itself.

Pluto in Capricorn indicates decisions made now that set the foundation for a long-term play. What are the long-term effects of this space mission? That question could be answered easily if we do more research on the after effects of Nixon’s “war on cancer” and the huge push for pharmaceutical research in the 1970s and 1980s. But that’s a topic for another article…

Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius – Humanitarian Effort

No coincidence that this mission is a huge undertaking. Jupiter and Saturn together represent major money moves, and in Aquarius, towards humanitarian efforts. After all, this mission is named Inspiration4 and one of its objectives is to “support Issacman’s goal to raise $200 million to help cure children’s cancer”.

Aquarius also represents innovation and technology. It makes sense that there is a call to action to support cancer research. It also makes sense that commercial tycoons are observing Inspiration4 as the precursor to commercializing space itself. The technology showcased in the mission definitely makes those space dreams of sci-fi films in the 1970s and 80s seem a little more attainable in the near future.

Neptune in Pisces – The Big Mystery

Neptune’s presence in Pisces may be to blame for the sheer amount of disinformation, fake news, deception, entitled opinions, and illusions prevalent in society right now. But another big impact of Neptune in the sign of the Fishes is drugs and pharmaceuticals. This is highlighted more as Neptune opposes the Sun in Virgo, adding to that uncertainty about what this event could all mean… at least to people on the outside.

With Neptune opposing the Sun, we may also get isolation and detachment. What better example of isolation or detachment than a crew of four breaking boundaries in a spacecraft?

By now, you think the average person would realize that there is always an agenda. Even if something appears slightly malicious, our beliefs will cloud the facts of material reality. Nixon’s war on cancer was about as useful as it needed to be to push the pharmaceutical agenda during that time. Perhaps this event will also spark interest in pharmaceuticals in a way we cannot imagine now. Only time will tell…


The Sun-Neptune opposition speaks of secrets, like the amount paid to get Inspiration4 off the ground. There is something to this mission that they are likely not expressing to the public. The apparent transparency of the research data is great, but what about what’s not being shared?

But the implication for the future application of technology to space travel and health are substantial. As mentioned at the beginning of this post, this is a groundbreaking moment in human history: the first all-civilian mission to space. The technology is fully automated, to the point where they don’t even need a dedicated pilot. The crew of Inspiration4 will also perform several experiments while in space, and much of the data on this mission will indeed be made available to the public.

Perhaps there is nothing to worry about, but that Sun-Neptune aspect, transit Venus in Scorpio, and Pluto in Capricorn conjunct the Moon and near the midheaven points to something very quiet and mysterious waiting in the background. All we can do is wait and see.

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