Sun-Moon Synastry Aspects

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Synastry charts are a crucial way for astrologers to help people understand the totality of their relationships. In synastry, an astrologer examines the interaction between two people’s natal charts. If it sounds intimidating, don’t worry. This series is dedicated to shedding light on the meaning of synastry aspects.

For instance, how does a Sun-Moon aspect in synastry affect your relationship? Keep reading to find out.

In synastry, the Sun represents each individual’s ego, will, personality, purpose, and identity. The Moon represents the emotions, emotional support, comfort, and domestic attitude. Together they make up two of the three most powerful points in a horoscope, the third being the ascendant. Naturally it makes sense that when these two planets are aspecting each other in a synastry, there is usually a strong attraction found between the two people.

Let’s take a deeper look at the possible connections between the Sun and Moon.

Sun Conjunct Moon

Conjunctions are intense aspects. When one’s Sun is conjunct to a partner’s Moon, or vice versa, then we find that “soulmate” connection where two people feel strongly attracted to one another. They just feel strangely drawn to interact.

The Sun individual understands the emotional nature of the Moon. He leads so the Moon can follow. In a healthy relationship, the Sun may be considerate, mindful, inspirational for the Moon individual. The Moon herself feels at ease around the Sun because he provides the proper environment for her to reflect his light. She is delighted to nurture and soothe the Sun so he looks forward to coming home or their next meeting.

When the woman is the Sun and the man the Moon, she becomes a muse that can calm and inspire his warrior spirit. She is the source of his creativity and desire to form a home or a environment where they can both be safe together. While she may not lead the relationship, she does bear the burden of being a living dream. When the man finds out she’s just a human after all, he is hurt, but is more likely to forgive than if he were the Sun in the relationship.

Generally this is a powerful aspect that shows a cooperative relationship between two people. However, it can lead to the Moon individual becoming dependent on the Sun for happiness and emotional stability. The Sun starts to have a huge affect on the Moon person’s emotions and self-esteem. The Moon individual can feel as if they are losing themselves in this relationship being overshadowed by the brightness of the Sun. These two have to be careful to set boundaries, and the Moon person has to reestablish his/her own identity from time to time in the relationship.

Sun Sextile/Trine Moon

This is the quintessential masculine and feminine role that nature intended. The Sun and Moon are, after all, representations of father and mother. In synastry charts, any contact they make is strong enough to impact either individual, but with a sextile or trine, each person can unlock the potential of the other by being the ultimate supportive partner.

The effects are similar to the conjunction, minus the intensity and dependency that can dampen the flame. Sextiles tend to be more active, as sextile aspects require attention and effort to activate. The trine on the other hand is natural and effortless; if no other aspects are ruining the synastry, these two will do well as friends, business partners, and spouses.

Sun Square Moon

The square between the Sun and Moon is still magnetic and powerful. However, instead of cooperation, comfort, and mutual evolution, this aspect suggests misery. The Sun individual is likely to upset the Moon person quite often, leading to arguments and a deep dissatisfaction in the relationship.

The Sun sees the Moon as overly emotional, sensitive, and sometimes annoying. He may feel as if he’s walking on eggshells or constantly has to watch what he says. And to be honest, in this interaction he does. Alternatively, he could reconsider how he comes across to the Moon. It is difficult, because it is his very nature which is at odds with the Moon here, but a little adjustment and self-awareness could go a long way to help the Sun person mature.

The Moon here is the true victim, metaphorically speaking. She just does not feel comfortable around the Sun individual. Something about his character, his status, or the way the Sun carries himself just always has the Moon worried or thinking about negative outcomes. It may not even be his fault; the Moon may be caught in overthinking or imagined disasters. Another meaning could be the Sun person is very abrasive and isn’t considerate of the Moon’s emotions.

At some point, one of them will feel incomplete in the relationship. Either the Sun will hold his true nature back and therefore begin hurting his reputation, career, and other public fronts; or the Moon will withhold feelings and reactions, leading to an inevitable eruption of drama and disputes. A relationship with this aspect is best kept at arms length.

Sun Opposition Moon

Here, the Moon individual is what the Sun wants, while the Sun person is what the Moon needs. This is an extremely powerful synastry aspect, similar to the conjunction. These two individuals will likely meet and feel the magnetic attraction without having a clue as to why. Once again, opposites attract.

Both parties may feel on edge most of the time, given the aspect. But the Sun desires the emotional tendencies of the Moon. An Aries Sun would love a Libra Moon; that relationship is all about the Sun, and a Libra Moon is more than happy to give to the partner. Same goes for Taurus/Scorpio, Gemini/Sagittarius, and so on. The opposites in the zodiac are quite complementary, and with two personal planets involved, it is only a matter of time before the common ground overcomes any differences.

However, this could also manifest in more disagreeable ways. If there is no favorable attraction, it can instead be a fight for attention from the Moon, or a push away from the Sun. The Moon may never feel that the Sun understands where they are coming from, and if there are no indicators of thorough communication, the Moon individual may never put their desires on the table.

Meanwhile the Sun is minding its own business and doing what it wants to do. Over on the other side of the zodiac, he has his own journey to complete, and someone else’s feelings aren’t going to get in the way if he has no obligation to them. This synastry aspect is a mixed bag and depends on the rest of the chart to determine how the relationship in question will fare.

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