Jupiter in Virgo

Jupiter, planet of success, philosophy, religion, and expansion, in Virgo, sign of facts, analysis, health, diet and service. Here Jupiter is analytical and mentally strong.

Virgo is a sign of service, servants, and employees. We also tend to think about Virgo as analytical, critical, even humorous. With natal Jupiter in Virgo, these natives are constructive, honest, shifty, data-oriented, philanthropic, health-conscious, resourceful, and intellectual. They love being of service and are probably hardworking people.

Jupiter’s prophetic nature gives them sage-like advice, and they can make for great advisors and counselors. Provided that natal Jupiter is not afflicted, they possess great knowledge about their topics of interest, and provide much value to their superiors. They can be critical at times, but ultimately they mean well.

As Virgo is an earth sign, natives with Jupiter in Virgo can have materialistic tendencies. They may still be prone to anxiety and worry, a trait of all earth signs. However, Jupiter is extremely buoyant and happy wherever he lies. People with natal Jupiter in Virgo are comedic and enjoy lighting up their friends and family when they are going through a tough time.

Materialism is not all bad; these natives are detail-oriented, realistic, and excel in science, law, philosophy, and other mental practices that demand study and investigation.

Jupiter is a planet of religion and spiritual beliefs. Therefore, Jupiter in Virgo could reflect an individual who performs a religious service, is a clergyman, or some other dogmatic position. Study into the occult and metaphysics is also possible.

If Jupiter is well-aspected in Virgo, these natives see a great benefit from their employees or servants. They show kindness to those they employ and it is returned to them in droves. They have great mental fortitude and are bastions of wisdom for those around them.

If poorly aspected, their kindness will be taken for granted, and they will need some assistance to identify such parasitic relationships. Their minds will be wasteful, scattered.

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