Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter, planet of success, philosophy, religion, and expansion, in Scorpio, sign of the subconscious, emotional depth, transformation, and the occult. In Scorpio, Jupiter places attention to the metaphysical and occult reams.

Generally when people think of Scorpio, they think of witches, warlocks, poison, sex, and other underhanded, dirty ideas. But Scorpio also includes the higher order of that, some of which includes cults and organizations formed in secrecy. Jupiter in Scorpio is the representation of the achievement of these groups.

With natal Jupiter in Scorpio, these natives are strong-willed, ambitious, driven, and determined. They have the helpful influence of Mars on Jupiter, so they possess great zeal and passion for their projects. They are crafty, clever, quiet, resolute, self-confident, tenacious, inquisitive, calculating, and lofty. They enjoy competition, but they prefer to compete when they know victory is inevitable.

Scorpio is a watery sign, meaning the emotions play a big role with these natives’ spiritual pursuits. They may also be deeply interested in psychology or other sciences. In fact, these natives would excel at chemistry or mechanical science. Jupiter makes them seek out higher positions in these fields. They may become metaphysical gurus or teachers of occult topics. Through their ambitious wisdom, Jupiter in Scorpio natives possess a great talent for evolving their spiritual understanding and teaching those who are also passionate.

Equally so, they may be talented at research, and therefore may form many of their own opinions. Natives with Jupiter in Scorpio tend to be well-versed in foreign scientific, occult, or metaphysical affairs. Travelling abroad for these reasons could prove beneficial, both financially and socially through new contacts.

Scorpio is known for many dark behaviors, and cults are one of them. They should be careful not hang around an unsavory crowd to avoid unnecessary karma. These natives should also be aware of their motives when dealing with other people. Often they operate in secrecy and with their own agenda. They must build up a positive moral system that prevents them from delving into darker things like lying, revenge or jealousy.

If the natal Jupiter in Scorpio is not afflicted, the native may receive benefit from an inheritance, from legal matters, or from investments. It’s also possible they may entrusted with secrets of powerful people and have the challenge of being responsible with this information.

Poorly aspected Jupiter in Scorpio may represent poor social status, poorly dealing with other people’s money, failure of an inheritance to pull through, possible loss through lawsuits, or difficulties agreeing with science and law.

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