5 Tips Dealing with Aries in Love

Relationships are not for the weak-hearted; they take dedication, patience, and above all, understanding of your partner. Astrology can help people to understand each other, which leads to acceptance of our partners. When we can accept our partners, we allow them to become their best selves. When we try to change our spouse, we lose interest anyway, so understanding your partner remains one of the keys to a successful relationship and marriage.

This post will look at the Aries individual particularly in a committed relationship. These tips are not really for dating, although tips 1 and 2 could be applied to a casual interaction with an Aries. However, you will make greater use all of these tips if you are in a committed relationship or married to an Aries.

Note that not every Aries is the same, but they will share similar tendencies.

Without further ado, let’s look at 5 tips for dealing with Aries in a relationship!

1. Be Direct with Them

Aries are very impatient. They need direct answers, especially from their spouse. As your spouse, they expect you to be open and willing to talk if they sense something is awry. If Aries has to wait on their partners for an answer, or work hard to get it out of you, they get frustrated and lose interest swiftly.

If you have your eyes on an Aries individual, skip the small talk and go straight for the bullseye. They will let you know if the interest is mutual or not right immediately. Aries is tactless and blunt, so cold openers and one-liners don’t work well for them. It is when they can get straight to the chase that Aries really starts having fun in a relationship. It gives them a clear goal to work towards, with no confusion, nervousness, or extra time wasted.

Without the butterflies, their creativity flourishes and their flirting is more confident. Aries will also perceive you as intelligent and emotionally stable if you can be direct with them. They will want to communicate with you and get those straight answers they love.

2. Respect Their Freedom

Don’t ever… EVER try to lockdown an Aries who does not want to be locked down. You WILL get the ram’s horns. If you think you can control them for long, they will find out they are being manipulated and retaliate with an eruption of force and anger. Just don’t do it.

Aries is one of the most freedom-loving signs in the zodiac. Even in a relationship, an Aries would still like to feel that sense of freedom. This is not to say they will take an affair all the way, but don’t be too surprised to catch them flirting with other people as they need to come up for air from time to time.

Instead of getting upset and complaining to your Aries partner, ask them if they would like to try something new in the bedroom. Return the focus to your relationship. This shows that you are interested and constantly working to earn their commitment. Trust that they are loyal to you, but also meet them halfway and understand that they need to at least feel free. Allow them to be open with you about this, so it doesn’t feel like a guilty secret. Aries does not like to hurt others’ feelings, unless they are provoked. Remember that if you are in a committed relationship with Aries, they may flirt with other people, but they inevitably come home to you if you aren’t creating trouble.

3. Expect Frequent Sex

Aries represents springtime, when life is erupting from the buds and stems. Bees are buzzing; the birds are singing. So naturally these natives tend to be quite sexually active. You may find your partner needs sex regularly during the week. If you personally enjoy that, they will certainly enjoy it too. Have fun!

But don’t give into their sexual whims if you yourself are not as interested in sex as they are. Do not deny them sex, especially in a serious relationship or marriage, as this will only encourage them to seek external sources of sexual gratification. This only weakens your bond and decreases your value in their perspective. Instead make sex an adventure, a reward, a tease, or something that still keeps it on the table but on terms you can both respect. Make it fun and something to look forward to.

Also don’t expect the sex to last for too long with Aries, as they tend to do the deed quickly and then go back to whatever they were dong. Again, this isn’t your fault and it’s not that they don’t care about you; it’s just how Aries is. If you do want your intimate moments to last longer, have that discussion when the mood is neutral.

4. Support Their Projects

Aries individuals are pioneers and originators, and often they will fail even with their passion projects. You could gain favor as a partner by being there for them when things go left. But even with when things go right, Aries individuals will appreciate your assistance as they climb the tower of success with you.

Support can range from emotional support (yes Aries feel emotions other than anger and excitement) to being a personal secretary, to being an ear to bounce and test ideas. If your Aries partner claims they have nothing for you to do, be simple and fix them a meal so they can stay in the zone longer. After all, whatever project they are working on will ultimately benefit you as well. Even failures or dead-end projects may be resolved more quickly with your aide than if Aries tries to go lone-wolf.

5. Give Them Space to Lead

Aries people love to lead or pioneer something, however small or inconsequential it may seem to others. They need to feel of use, or at least feel capable of something. If your Aries partner is leading the relationship appropriately, let them. If they are passionate about collecting rocks, let them. If they want to research something odd or taboo, let them.

However, if they begin to shirk more serious obligations and responsibilities, that’s when you should start expressing your concerns. As much as they love freedom, Aries can understand that some activities should be kept as hobbies to give attention to more important things. Keep it simple, direct, and factual, and your partner will have no choice but to reconsider their actions.

What do you think?

Those were my five tips for dealing with your Aries partner in marriage or serious relationships. What do you think? Are you already doing any of these things? Great! If you have more tips you’d like to share, leave them in the comments below. Or if you’d like to get a more complete picture of your relationship, you can contact me here to get a synastry reading.

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