Jupiter in Aquarius

Jupiter, planet of success, philosophy, religion, and expansion, in Aquarius, sign of intellect and genius, humanity as a whole, and invention. In Aquarius, Jupiter contributes his genius and philosophical thought to progress society.

Natal Jupiter in Aquarius suggests a humanitarian genius who seeks to better the world. These natives are compassionate for the plight of the average person. They are advocates for freedom of knowledge. They tend to be kind, eccentric, intuitive, liberal, philosophic, and scientific. They are curious about occult topics like astrology, alchemy, and metaphysics in general. With this knowledge, they turn around and apply it to their lives, or teach it as gurus or leaders of new ideas, or even as creators of spiritual technologies. One downside is that these natives do tend to be emotionally distant.

People with Jupiter in Aquarius tend to be quite intelligent and mentally capable. These natives have the perfect amount of curiosity for scientific or technological careers. They are non-judgmental, tolerant, and enjoy open discourse. A fondness for education, literature, science, machinery, computers, and history is also possible.

Aquarius adds in an air of surprise and the unpredictable. Natives with Jupiter in Aquarius crave adventure and excitement. They may travel to experience new cultures. Because Jupiter rules prophecy and wisdom, their intuition is powerful. People with this placement are liable to reach conclusions that other people simply cannot imagine. If they can take the time out to show others, they can make a lot of money from teaching or employing other curious minds.

Natives with Jupiter in Aquarius have friends who are eccentric, progressive thinkers. Either their social circle is full of high class individuals, or they have acquaintances from different social classes and/or countries. Friends are usually honorable people and kind towards the native. They could also benefit the native financially or through the connections they provide.

When Jupiter is afflicted, or poorly aspected, these natives find their ideals clash with the rest of humanity. They act rebelliously against religions and other traditional organizations. Rather than discourse, they dishonor institutions to rile their opposition. Their gains from career or employment may be compromised, and they find it difficult to fit in with society’s morals. If travelling, they should remain aware of their surroundings to avoid trouble.

Otherwise, Jupiter has much to contribute to religious thought. Their intuition allows them to receive great insights that could evolve our current spirituality. They could gain from philanthropy work in humanitarian organizations and societies, as well as in government or administrative professions.

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