Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter, planet of success, philosophy, religion, and expansion, in Pisces, sign of the imagination, boundless creativity, spirituality, and infinite compassion. In its second sign of rulership, Jupiter is compassionate, forgiving, and of service to the world.

In Greek mythology, Jupiter reigned as god of the sky and king of all gods. At times he was a scheming, unfaithful husband. Sometimes he was vengeful and doled punishment to those who deserved it. But he was also a merciful, compassionate, understanding being as well. The planet Jupiter in Pisces reflects this last version, which suggests true belief in the best in everyone.

Jupiter in Pisces indicates a native who is open-minded, faithful, religious or spiritual, sympathetic, merciful, generous, and a dreamer. As the old ruler of Pisces, Jupiter represents less of the malicious/deceptive nature of the sign, and more of the hopeful, inspirational aspect of Pisces. This Jupiter has his head in the clouds, not in delusion, but in blind, hopeful optimism.

Optimism can be both good and bad. People who are optimistic at a healthy level understand when to call things quits and accept a harsh reality, without succumbing to melancholy. Others are so high in the clouds that they simply cannot believe that anything bad would emerge from a situation. Both of these personalities are symbolized by Jupiter in this hazy sign.

As such, natives with Jupiter in Pisces are often very forgiving, loving, sharing, kind, docile, and are easily trusting. They enjoy sharing their beliefs and being of use to the people around them. This opens them up to those who would take advantage of their kindness. These natives are gullible, neglectful of the facts, and are too quick to give the benefit of the doubt. While they may not necessarily be spineless, they may lack the cognition to realize when the rug is being swept from under their feet.

Then again, people with Jupiter in Pisces have faith that life will end up okay. If they are religious, they truly believe divine providence will protect them from any fatal or serious danger. If they are spiritual, they blindly trust the path that they believe the universe or whomever has provided for them. And sometimes, these natives have personal “proof” of these claims that deepen their beliefs. They might interpret events to fall in line with their ideologies and hence fall deeper into the psychological mist, while their friends and family are constantly in worry of their physical needs being met.

But living in the clouds is not all about being duped or ignoring reality. These people are very mystical indeed, and may have many valid psychic and spiritual experiences that have shaped their current beliefs. Vivid dreams may be a huge source of prophetic knowledge that cannot otherwise be explained. These natives may also feel compelled to service the world in some sense, either through volunteering, missionaries, or non-profit work. They could benefit as a counsellor working in a prison, as a monk or nun in a monastery, or as a spiritual healer or guru who tries to go out and save the world.

As always with Pisces, these natives need something positive to believe in, as Pisces can also represent nihilism, escapism, and narcotics. Jupiter also represents revelry and surplus; if they hold negative views of the world or themselves, they can easily lose themselves in alcohol and drug addiction. They will try to escape by making up stories and shifting the blame unto innocent bystanders, refusing to take responsibility for their own fate. Those with this placement may also form addictions to “soul searching,” constantly attempting to “discover themselves” while refusing to work and maintain financial independence. In this case, these natives can easily rack up resentment from family taking care of them.

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