5 Tips for Dealing with Gemini in Love

Relationships are not for the weak-hearted; they take dedication, patience, and above all, understanding of your partner. Astrology can help people to understand each other, which leads to acceptance of our partners. When we can accept our partners, we allow them to become their best selves. When we try to change our spouse, we lose interest anyway, so understanding your partner remains one of the keys to a successful relationship and marriage.

This post will look at the Gemini individual particularly in a committed relationship. These tips are not really for casual dating. You will make greater use all of these tips if you are in a committed relationship or married to a Gemini.

Note that not every Gemini is the same, but they will share similar tendencies.

1. Learn to Communicate!

Gemini is the foremost sign of communication. Their intimate relationships wouldn’t make sense if their partner is a mute or doesn’t communicate effectively. If you’re partnering with a Gemini, learning how to communicate your ideas will go a long way towards building a romantic relationship. If you are gifted at poetry and prose, even better for you, as the clever use of words is a huge turn on for Gemini.

You will also have to learn how your partner communicates. Geminis are crafty at identifying how others communicate and matching their styles to extract information. But it’s very unlikely that Geminis receive the same attention themselves. If you can notice how they communicate and adapt to them, they will appreciate you as an intellectual equal.

They may also love little things like love letters, cards, and frequent texting. Of course this could vary by Gemini, but generally written signs of love and attention are big selling points. Even if you personally do not think much of it, put some effort into a few letters or random Hallmark cards, and notice how brightly their eyes will light up reading your endeavor.

Geminis also like to communicate through pranks and inside jokes. After all, this sign rules children too. Expect them to pull quite a few jokes on you from time to time. Just know that they are doing it to entertain you and keep things from getting boring…

2. Have an Open or Curious Mindset

And getting bored is number one on Gemini’s hate list. They despise intellectual stagnation. They ridicule boring people and stale routines. Nothing makes them more restless than to relive Groundhog Day. Eventually they will just find another source of entertainment.

Because they hate boredom, your Gemini partner is constantly learning new things. Their eyes are glued to social media, the internet, magazines, television shows and movies. They want to be in the know. Don’t feel left out, as they will always be happy to share what they have learned with you. That’s why you have to be open to their ideas, at least enough to hear them out and humor them. Neglecting a Gemini’s input is a bad idea.

Gemini’s love for information can negatively turn into love of gossip, rumors, and useless trivia. Your partner might throw out random things that aren’t important to either of you, just to seem knowledgeable. They could talk your head off when you just want peace and quiet. Shut that down by giving them something to research for you. Start recommending things you need help “learning more about.” Geminis enjoy gathering information so this task will give them life until the next intellectual objective.

3. Help Them Express Their Emotions

In a relationship with a Gemini, you will quickly find that they have difficulty discussing their emotions. Discerning how they express their emotions is your job as their partner. What you cannot do is force them to talk through emotions, as then Gemini resorts to humor and lightheartedness to avoid the topic. This creates awkwardness and tension that makes having a healthy conversation more difficult.

Instead you will have to watch for behaviors and body language. Gemini rules the shoulders, arms, hands, eyes and nervous system. Your partner may have observable ticks that signal their level of comfort in a situation. Are their eyes darting around the room; are they fiddling with their fingers; are their shoulders relaxed; do they always blink when they are lying? Geminis are pretty apt communicators, so when they start stuttering or their voice starts to crack, you know they are treading in the unfamiliar territory known as their emotions. At that moment, you can bring up what you notice as a side note. Gemini will understand the jig is up and start talking.

A more direct method to figure how they express their emotions is to check what sign their natal Moon is in. This will let you know what their emotional needs are in the first place. You could also check the house their Moon is in, as well as what planets are in the fourth house, to learn further about their emotional expression. This will help you to gain an understanding of their emotional nature so you can better handle your Gemini partner’s needs.

Equally so, do not expect your Gemini partner to be apt at consoling you when you need it most. They may misinterpret the gravity of your situation and try cracking jokes to alleviate stress. After trying a few times to cheer you up, they will leave you alone unsure of how to handle your emotions. Over time, you can help them learn how be of assistance when you need a shoulder to lean on.

4. Sexual Variety

Geminis appreciate variety in their interactions, and sex is no different. They are always willing to try new things, so don’t be afraid to bring something to their attention. Geminis are likely to be “orally talented” and enjoy kisses and making out with their partners.

To really tickle a Gemini, make sex fun and exciting mentally. They love the tension created by a witty back and forth, so practice your snarky comebacks. Remain playful and avoid getting too serious. Role playing, dirty talk, and raunchy love letters are some things you could expect or attempt in a long term relationship with Gemini.

But wait, there’s more! Geminis are famous for remaining physically youthful and beautiful in their later years if they take care of themselves. They will likely stay flexible and agile and have a lot of stamina, too. Some things to consider if you find yourself partnered with a Gemini.

5. They Love to Go Out

Finally, Geminis love going out and being among people; they are innately social creatures. They love bars, restaurants, malls, beaches, concerts, parties, busy streets, and places with lots human activity. If their natal Venus is in Gemini, they desire to be the life of the party, talking up everyone and gathering intel as they do. It doesn’t matter if the venue is fancy or not; there are people to talk to and experiences to be had.

Your partner could likely become the town gossiper or informant depending on how social they are. They could be the neighborhood delinquent if they cannot control themselves. You might find them flirting around if you take your eyes off them for even a second at a crowded spot. It’s nothing personal, really. They just like to communicate, and with so many bodies, so many minds and so many various personalities around them, it’s hard to only talk to one person (aka you).

If that’s going to be a huge problem for you, reconsider your commitment. Geminis are a free-loving sign, much like Aries and Aquarius, and any attempt to force them to listen or follow rules will be met with sarcasm and disdain. You could lose respect if your partner suddenly realizes you are jealous, and they may poke fun at that wound if you allow them. That would be your decision, reader, but you cannot say you didn’t see it coming.


So, did these tips resonate with you? How has your experience seriously dating a Gemini been? Do you have any tips you’d like to share? Comment down below. Or, if you’d like a complete analysis of your relationship or marriage, you can contact me here for a synastry reading.

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