Saturn in Taurus

Saturn, planet of responsibility, challenges, limitations, delays, and mastery, in Taurus, sign of practicality, reserve, resources, and artistic creativity. In this sign, Saturn is concerned with possessions and finances.

Saturn in the second house usually denotes misfortune with money and wealth in the first few years of life. Taurus, being related to the second house, has a similar effect when Saturn passes through. Here, Saturn raises fears of losing one’s belongings, of scarcity – or in the opposite vein: a fear of over accumulating, of not having enough, and of lack of opportunities to gain more wealth and resources.

Saturn is binding and contracting, so often people with natal Saturn in Taurus have a hard time letting go of their prized possessions. They want their things to last forever, and one might see older persons still holding on to items from their childhood which have great sentimental value to them. Attached to the emotions these items bring, these natives refuse to let go out of fear of feeling empty without their possessions. Naturally this could lead to hoarding and selfishness when it comes time to give what they have.

Along with material goods, people with this placement tend to be stubborn beyond reason. They are likely to be very set in their habits and beliefs. Their values are deeply rooted into their character, and they are likely very traditional and unshaken by others who try to convince them otherwise. This is due to fear of alternative perspectives. They fear either being wrong and finding out their long-held values are not valid; or they fear listening to advice that could steer them from their square. They are likely reserved, quiet, and quite content knowing what they know. Their first Saturn return could completely rattle their belief systems, forcing them to reevaluate their lives from a different perspective. But only such a dramatic event could get these natives to change their minds in the long run.

People with natal Saturn in Taurus also have a tendency to have a great relationship with pleasure. Much like Aries, they regulate their pleasure-seeking tendencies strictly. For them, pleasure may be a purely rewarding experience, after long hours toiling away at the office or in the field. This develops into a very gratifying work routine, where these people push themselves just enough to the brink of exhaustion, then relax hard and cool off to rejuvenate.

With natal Saturn in Taurus, people either fear having possessions – because of how attached they become – or they fear having nothing and keep accumulating material possessions. On one hand there are the poor, unlucky Saturn in Taurus natives who can’t seem to find the right career or scheme to make a buck. Their fear actively manifests into major obstacles preventing them from building up their wealth. This misfortune quickly turns to jealousy should their luck never turn up. They may pity affluent individuals and cast themselves as the righteous poor who resisted the temptations of the dollar. Secretly, however, they would not hesitate at an opportunity to be self-sufficient and affluent themselves.

On the other hand, some people grow anxious at the idea of being without, so they exercise their full power to gain as much money, resources, and possessions as possible. It is sad that some never reach a limit, and keep gaining, gaining, and gaining with no true end goal. They work hard to get what they want, absolutely. But their desire is rooted in the fear of lack, of being unable to be self-sufficient. They might view the less financially fortunate as lazy, detestable cattle that mooch off productive members of society. Secretly, however, they desire freedom from their possessions and wish to live as minimalists.

Depending on whether Saturn is well-aspected or afflicted in the natal chart, Saturn in Taurus can either be a blessing or a curse. When it comes to material gains, we can experience the bountiful fruits of our karmic labor, or we can be the victim of our own imagination and unfortunate circumstances. As always with Saturn, it gives us exactly what our efforts earn. We can act in a mad rush, or begin to set intentions for our material gains, leading to something much bigger than just ourselves in the end. There is nothing about Saturn in Taurus that says we cannot build and accumulate for other people as well.

This placement allows Saturn some control over others, unlike its position in Aries. In the second sign, Saturn does well to regulate and monitor resources and finances. If an individual with this placement can learn the value of money and how it can bestow options and freedom in life, they can become great teachers of how to invest, grow, and multiply wealth. They can teach what resources are worth gaining so that everyone can earn some share. Bankers or resource managers are great fields for people with a strong Saturn in Taurus. They do well as financial advisors and counselors, provided they have the accompanying resume to prove their worth. They are organized, traditional, and resourceful people who can always be counted on to provide any necessary structure. These natives make solid plans for the future, and are stubborn and resilient enough to not shake from the agenda.

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