Saturn in Gemini

Saturn, planet of responsibility, challenges, limitations, delays, and mastery, in Gemini, the sign of communication, information, and siblings. In Gemini, Saturn slows down the mentality, fearful of what he doesn’t know.

Typically placements in Gemini signify an increase in chatter, mind activity, and short travels. Planets in Gemini tend to act more youthfully, more curious, more prankish even. They tend towards exploring the neighborhood, gossip and trivialities. However, Saturn indicates the mind is much slower to react and calculate.

Saturn in Gemini indicates a fear of lacking essential information. People with this placement tend to think much more slowly than the average person. They take more mental steps to realize ideas that, to others, are actually quite basic. A slow thought process is not lack of intelligence, although these natives will believe that is the case in their early life. Regardless, people with Saturn in Gemini have the outstanding potential to become masters of information if they can learn to study at their own pace.

Unfortunately they still have to suffer the experience of an old man’s mind in a young person’s body. During their early schooling years, they will experience difficulty keeping pace with the rest of the class. They require more time and attention to feel comfortable with the dozens of new concepts thrown at them. Giving them examples, diagrams, personal tutoring, and worksheets will help these natives to practice and perfect the curriculum. Even then, they may still struggle with concepts that are too abstract for their concrete, inflexible minds.

To add fuel to that fire, Saturn in Gemini may indicate lung troubles, skin conditions or joint pains on the shoulders, arms and hands, or neuroticism. They may face anxiety issues or face depressive thoughts at some point in their lives. It is easy for them to succumb to pessimism as Saturn paints a gloomy shade on their perspectives.

Natives with Saturn in Gemini may have a fear of learning new ideas, especially if they were ridiculed in school. Intellectually sensitive, they prefer to pretend to know what they do not to save face. It worries them to think that other people could be more informed on or have a better understanding of the circumstances than they do. At some point after the discussion, these natives will probably do copious amounts of research on their own time to comprehend the topic so they can mentally compete with the group. But until then, they will keep quiet and observe the conversation, cautiously listening to glean any information they can on the subject.

Since Saturn represents the wise old man, these people do not get the chance to play pranks and make clever and witty comebacks, at least not in their early years. Life moves too fast for them to react at first and they are slow to mentally adapt. After a few years, they learn how to snap back with some of the harshest comebacks. For them, conversations and chatter are not entirely natural and flowing; they have to make mistakes and fumble a few times to get a better idea of how to communicate.

They mature mentally faster than their elementary school peers, so they may not even be interested in a competition of wits at a young age anyway. As Gemini also represents business contacts, networking, and trade, these natives could easily start working as early as possible, provided their parents support that choice for them. Working early as children gives them a more mature outlook on the value of money than their cohorts, so in this case they have the upper hand. This early work experience could also make them a bit too mature for their age, adopting views and perspectives that are not fitting of what should be a young, curious mind.

Some natives may have strongly fortified mental habits that enhance their concentration, but this rigidity keeps them locked in a peculiar world view. The struggles of education and speech early in life may cause them to develop patterns in their thinking that allows them to traverse those fields with less mental labor. When these habits are disrupted, however, pieces of their initial worries and fears peek through the cracks. Until they learn that most conversations are awkward and unplanned, they remain anti-social, stiff and adverse to Gemini’s greatest gift to them.

Because of their patience in thought, these natives are reserved with the information they receive. Friends and family may entrust them with secrets and they would never tell a soul. In addition, their ability to pause and wholly take in a situation gives these natives a tactical, calculating mind perfect for strategizing and planning.

On the bright side of Saturn, there is always mastery and applied experience. People with natal Saturn in Gemini are incredibly mentally organized and are perfect in careers where they can map out a business plan or organize meetings with businesses. In a twist of irony, they also make for fantastic teachers because they will take their time out to research the material and establish its veracity before sharing it with others.

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