Saturn in Leo

Saturn, planet of responsibility, challenges, limitations, delays, and mastery, in Leo, sign of kings and queens, of passion, individualization, and children. In this sign, Saturn learns the true value of self-expression.

Even in self-centered Leo, Saturn can operate better than in personal Aries and Cancer. In fact, as we move closer to the signs which involve other people, we will see that Saturn actually begins gaining his bearings. His fears are still apparent, but he does begin to show his dominance when it comes to material reality and interpersonal relationships.

Natal Saturn in Leo represents a force to be reckoned with. Similar to Saturn in the fifth house, these natives are cautious when it comes to having fun. They are likely used to having their fun stamped out, so they tend to wait to celebrate. As Leo represents self-expression, these natives are reserved in their opinions until they learn to speak up from the diaphragm. They are humble and are generous with compliments.

The authoritative nature of Saturn is very similar to the Sun, and these natives can be quite commanding and powerful when they speak. They are great leaders who set a good example for their followers, laying down the laws of their reign with grace, mercy and magnanimity. Indeed, Leo truly has a lightening affect on Saturn. People with natal Saturn in Leo know that life equally includes hard work and play time. They maintain a proper work-play balance with their healthy sense of discipline.

But as always with Saturn, there is a downside. Much of these characteristics are only apparent after the native has gotten over an initial fear of being seen, of expressing themselves, and of pleasure. Early in life, they may have viewed pleasure as a distraction, or an authority figure was always around to throw a wet blanket on their fun. When children see a constant pattern associated with an activity, they tend to believe that pattern represents overall reality instead of just their personal experience for that moment.

Therefore, these natives begin to associate having fun and enjoying their good times with something bad always waiting to rain on their parade. They become afraid to actually express their contentment and reserve their ecstasy until they reach their personal chambers. Only then do they yell out, blast music, or truly express their joy of life. As such, people with Saturn in Leo can get stuck in their own little worlds, believing misfortune will come at any moment if they so much as smirk or smile. Until they learn that those earlier situations were merely flashes in the pan of their whole life experience, they shield themselves against expressing happiness in public.

This placement can also translate into a fear of attention and taking center stage. These natives take life too seriously, at least publicly. Because of this hardiness on the outside, they possibly miss out on many pleasant opportunities, including enjoying recreation and entertainment, pursuing their talents, expressing their own creativity, and having satisfying sexual experiences. Children may also be a cause of sadness in some way, either through the native’s children or encounters with others’ children.

In extreme cases, Saturn in Leo could manifest as complete abstinence from certain activities – not for religious purposes, though. They may simply want to limit the amount of fun they have out of fear of some thing or some one finding a way to ruin their day. What these extreme cases do not realize is that after a while the body learns to denounce pleasure, and when they finally are “free” from whatever or whoever was the party pooper, they find it difficult to actually reward themselves. It is then that their worst fears are realized – they become gargoyles unable to actually find the joy in anything. Eventually, they begin ruining the fun of others, and this attitude causes them to slowly be ostracized from their social circles.

All these factors are an attempt by the native to control his or her own self-expression because of the incidents and events that conditioned them to learned helplessness. Instead, one should learn to let the true nature flow, regardless of previous occurrences of being shut down. When Saturn manifests obstacles and challenges in life, the point is not to succumb or to modify one’s strengths to meagerly pass the exam. The goal is to forge a path forward, and that path should empower one to express his or her true nature even louder, in a disciplined, mature and sophisticated manner of course.

To truly succeed in life, we are to grow and evolve from our Saturn challenges, so that we can teach the next generation what we have gleaned from our tests. And with natal Saturn in Leo, these natives can inspire others to shine their own lights despite the circumstances that surround them.

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