Saturn in Virgo

Saturn, planet of responsibility, challenges, limitations, delays, and mastery, in Virgo, sign of facts, analysis, health, diet and service. In this sign, Saturn learns how to be of service by analyzing reality.

Natal Saturn in Virgo is probably just as exciting as it sounds. This is the sign of the facts, data, and statistics. Saturn here operates well, all things considered. These natives are resourceful, wise when giving council, studious and hardworking, sometimes to the detriment of their own health. They find themselves in positions of power over their comrades, but more to analyze and offer critique than to give commands. Saturn here makes them harsh judges of effort, so they can come off a bit too authoritative at times. Virgo’s sense of humor and love of banter is muzzled when Saturn takes residence here.

Virgo represents our analytical prowess, and with Saturn’s presence this usually means these natives tend to miss the details quite often in life. They initially find the details boring, as the big picture is fun and exciting. But events in life cause them to regret these decisions, enough to the point where the details become as gold. Since they are likely to be in charge of their peers early, they soon learn lessons of being too soft with servants or employees.

Early in life people with natal Saturn in Virgo will be taken advantage of, and they will increase their standards and expectations of the next group, and then the next group, and then the next. Their gullibility and self-doubt leaves them at a disadvantage in future employment as well. This pattern continues until they ultimately have a strict work ethic for themselves and those who work under them. At this point these natives will have learned how to minimize the betrayal and misfortune that always seems to follow them in the workplace.

People with natal Saturn in Virgo work hard to add value to society. They love to be seen as the work horses they are, wearing such titles as badges of honor. After all, some one has to be the worker bee in order for the hive to survive. Whether a manager who sweats blood for his company, a head butler organizing training sessions for the incoming servants, or a civil servant signing entrants into a courthouse, some one has to sacrifice their own enjoyment for the greater good. Although they don’t have to enjoy it, these natives recognize everyday labor as necessary in life and take it in stride.

Without a doubt they can be gloomy, grave and grim. Of the earth signs, Virgo is most prone to worry, anxiety, and neurological and digestive issues. These natives have a tendency towards obsessive compulsive disorders. With Saturn, the opposite is also likely true: that they shrug their shoulders and turn a blind eye to small details. People with Saturn in Virgo either have an unnatural fascination with hygiene and cleanliness, or they live in squalor and filth. These natives must also take care of their health and diet, as well as avoid any difficulties with domestics pets, to avoid medical bills that could cause financial trouble.

Marriage partners are likely another source of sorrow, with Virgo being the “twelfth house” of Libra, sign of relationships. Saturn in Virgo makes one too realistic for romance, and their partners are likely to feel a lack of passion in the commitment; they are too concerned with their work. Unless these natives can learn to depend on and trust at least one person in the world, they are bound to ruin their own relationships before they hit the runway. And because of their serious nature, they also miss out on much of the fun and humor other Virgo placements get to enjoy.

What they lack in excitement and revelry, these natives more than make up for in cognitive ability. Saturn in Virgo indicates a person with above average intelligence capable of studious professions like sciences or the occult. They also make for great assistants, secretaries, civil officials, etc. Custodians, pet walkers, deliverymen, taxi drivers, construction workers, and other important, overlooked jobs are good sources of income with Saturn in Virgo – just accept the obstacles and struggles along the way. If the rest of the chart supports it, they could also benefit in the medicinal field, though undoubtedly – with Saturn present – this will require much patience throughout the first half of life.

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