Saturn in Libra

Saturn, planet of responsibility, challenges, limitations, delays, and mastery, in Libra, sign of intimate relationships, business, the fine arts, and marriage. At exaltation, Saturn is a master of public dealings and business.

Libra is a great placement for Saturn. As opposed to Aries, whose focus is on the self, Libra is focused on relationships and business. Imposing limitations and challenges on oneself is taxing, but exercising control over another person is liberating and empowering. Hence, Saturn is exalted in Libra and operates in a dignified manner.

People with natal Saturn in Libra are respectful, honest, measured, fair, balanced, just, and business-minded. They view relationships between individuals as quintessentially give-and-take; they understand that most human interactions have end goals. This makes them observe their dealings with other people, eventually becoming experienced in the art of public interfacing.

The obvious is true as well: natives with Saturn in Libra will encounter several mishaps and disappointments in their love life, with close friends, and with enemies. Misfortunes with the opposite sex can cause them to delay dating and marriage until later in life. It is advised that these people, and people with Saturn in their seventh house, not marry until their later years, as they may divorce from an early union. Their discomfort with early relationships may also cause them to avoid popularity in their youth. They may even become cold partners themselves to protect their sensitive hearts.

However, as Saturn is exalted, these natives learn quickly from their relationship pitfalls and are soon able to master public relations. Often the early relationships of their past teach them what they truly value in a partner. Enemies and rivals quickly become friends as these natives are sportsmanlike, understanding, and fair. These natives grow to have refined artistic tastes and befriend authoritative, influential figures in high places. In some cases they become high status individuals themselves through networking or their business acumen.

Saturn in Libra represents people who labor for the general public, which requires them to hone their skills and talents to make the best impression. After all, first impressions are everything. While other Libra placements are enjoying the high life and sophisticated arts, Saturn is taking notes on human behavior and learning how to benefit from them.

As such, these natives are likely to be great businesspeople, who understand that they must give value in order to receive money or renown for their services. Although they should avoid signing contracts while naïve and young, in their later part of life they will benefit much from doing their research before sealing any deals. Later in life they will become talented at devising binding and meticulous contracts.

Rivals and enemies are also beneficial to the individual with natal Saturn in Libra. What for most would be a persistent concern, for Saturn it is an opportunity to learn from failure. As the famous inventor Thomas Edison said: “I never once failed at making a light bulb. I just found out 99 ways not to make one.” In that same vein, people with Saturn in Libra learn and remember all the different ways they failed and try to see how they could have walked away the victor. They quickly adapt and remedy their weaknesses in order to come back to the public more reserved, more stoic, and more balanced.

Such is how those with natal Saturn in Libra gain mastery in public dealings. They offer great relationship advice, not only for intimate relationships, but for all human interactions. They can teach people how to negotiate for their needs. They can teach how to demonstrate their own value to attract clients and customers. Finally, they can teach people the ins and outs of constructing contracts and organizing responsible business agreements.

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