Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn, planet of responsibility, challenges, limitations, delays, and mastery, in Scorpio, sign of the subconscious, emotional depth, transformation, and the occult. Here in this sign, Saturn suggests authority or mastery of the darker arts.

Saturn enters Scorpio fresh from his exaltation. In this watery sign, Saturn is deeply integrated into the desire nature of the individual. Scorpio represents secrets, the subconsciousness, and emotional urges. With Saturn’s rigid authority, people with this placement tend to be very serious, quiet, and stern, yet powerful and at times penetrating. Sometimes when these natives stare at you it can feel they already know everything about you. They may prefer clothing of darker tones – black, brown, grey, and all shades in between.

With Saturn in Scorpio, these individuals have a fear of their own shadow self. The dark thoughts they have, the people they encounter, the influence of the childhood home: these natives are somber and melancholic. It gives them a reminder of their power, the potential for evil in man and the ease and propensity to give in to corporeal temptations. The Devil card of the tarot deck is a good example of the desirous nature these natives battle with daily.

This combination may also give them an ambitious curiosity that could either make these natives successful or dangerous. Scorpio’s determination meshes well with the sea-goat’s ruler, and Saturn is serious enough that their emotions and passion act as fuel to the fire. As much as this can mean getting fired up about a business idea, it could also mean getting upset enough at someone to stage a robbery or assault. Ancient astrologers always mentioned the treacherous nature of Mars (Scorpio) and Saturn combined, which often led to criminal activity. Be careful to avoid people who do not have their mind completely together, or you could get caught up in their karma.

People with Saturn in Scorpio have to research and know everything about what inspires them. It could be a person, object, a future event, an idea, a career plan – you get the idea. Whatever highly motivates these natives pushes them to their limits where they can truly learn who they are and how they wish to act in the world.

However, Scorpio is also related to the partner’s belongings, sex, debts that need to be paid, and death. It is likely that the native will be struck with an incident involving one of these topics in their lives. They may envy the possessions of a business rival, making them compete harder in the background; the native may be a victim of sexual abuse; they could easily rack up thousands in loan debt from an ambitious venture (Saturn always delays this success until later in life); a relative or friend may pass, and in some cases the native may be witness to or part of the event itself.

In some way this occurs in the life experience and the native is forced to become much more emotionally mature than usual for their age. These traumatic events have a weight on the shoulders that never truly heals, and a fear arouses of experiencing that pain again. In true Saturn fashion, these natives typically respond by building a defensive emotion wall.

People with natal Saturn in Scorpio may have a deep fear of intimacy and sexual vulnerability. For them, sex might be rigid and basic, as they have a fear of just letting go and connecting with their partner. They try to assert dominance or enjoy role playing aggressive roles, delving into kinks and fetishes that obscure the average brain. But that is their escape from the thoughts of having their tender, juicy underbelly romantically massaged.

They may also fear depending on people for money and resources. They may work harder to achieve more just to save face when the bills arrive. Equally so, they may be quite destitute and often find themselves in undesirable situations due to poor finances. Such is the flip flop nature of Saturn that either builds you up to CEO or leaves you in the gutter which you aptly earned.

When these multiple fears are recognized and brought under control, when the native has mastered his shadow self and come to his senses about his purpose in life, he somehow becomes responsible for the helping his fellow man master his desires and direct his life toward some purpose. Saturn is the authority figure who displays discipline and teachers the younger generation. Natives with this placement may become high ranking members of secret organizations or otherwise influential behind the scenes. They use their power to transform people using inner alchemy, occult arts, deep research, and self-realization techniques.

Saturn is truly happy when he has control over others (remember Saturn in Libra?), so once mastery of the desire nature is achieved life feels more intentional. This usually happens around the Saturn Return at 28-30, when the native is plunged into circumstances by external forces that provide an opportunity to show his or her true character. When that moment happens, natives with Saturn in Scorpio will have to decide for themselves the kind of life they want to lead; but most importantly, because of the authority and power of this placement, they should also consider the example their actions set for the younger generation.


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