Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn, planet of responsibility, challenges, limitations, delays, and mastery, in Sagittarius, sign of higher education, philosophy, law, spirituality, and foreign cultures. In this sign, Saturn experiences challenges in his own growth.

Sagittarius is a sign of beliefs, religion, higher education, foreign cultures and long distance travel. When a native has natal Saturn in Sagittarius, they experience a limitation on these aspects of life in some manner. Either they are stunted through financial and environmental means, or they have poor opportunities. Either way, these people then become stoic and develop hardened beliefs that provide their lack of education, experience, etc. a strong -albeit opinionated – backbone.

Natal Saturn in Sagittarius individuals are like judges who are merciful and who can laugh. They see the positive in life, although they are very realistic in motion. Saturn represents our responsibilities, tests, challenges; so in this sign, these are expanded and multiplied. These natives are given ample opportunity to experience many things in life while they are young.

However, these ample offerings come with a hefty price tag or some really fine print. As much as they would love to walk away clean, people with Saturn in Sagittarius get used to something about their victory always being off in some manner. Two steps forward, one step back. It’s never just a clear-cut win where everyone is happy. Such is the bittersweet victory handed to us via Saturn.

The big message that people with Saturn in Sagittarius heed is to learn from experience. Of course everyone learns from experience. But the relationship between Jupiter/Sagittarius and Saturn/Capricorn is linked psychologically to the adult human experience: wisdom, knowledge, teaching, morality, and maturity overall. Jupiter and Saturn represented the “old men” in ancient days, people who actually lived to 24, 30, 36 years old when the life expectancy was much lower for our ancestors. Thus, those individuals (who would have been old enough to view Saturn’s return once and Jupiter’s return two or three times) survived as long as they had because of the wisdom and knowledge they accumulated throughout their lifetimes.

In that same vein, people with natal Saturn in Sagittarius have a high self-awareness that they can utilize to mature much faster than their peers. The key lies in learning from past mistakes in whatever field they venture into. When they accumulate this wisdom and expound upon it daily, instead of mimicking their contemporaries and reacting to life, they become powerful because of the knowledge they possess. Being in Sagittarius, however, this knowledge is typically flavored by the native’s own perspective. It may be useful, but it could also be very exclusive.

Because these people do have such a solid grasp of the fundamentals of life, they usually have refined minds and tastes. Those with natal Saturn in Sagittarius are likely thorough philosophers, or they at least try to answer life’s riddles or logic puzzles and challenges. They are also likely to have a fondness for the law, legal system and issues concerning morality, government and justice. They may even be a judge or hold public office as career.

Another possible route is that these people are religious judges. They scrutinize claims of blasphemy, determine whether long-held traditions should change, and things of that nature.

Alternatively, Saturn can strip away all these opportunities from the native so that he is trapped in his own psychological bubble. Perhaps a thigh or hip injury limits this person’s mobility and they are forced to take life much slower than other people. Maybe they were denied a scholarship that could have been decisive in sending them to their dream university. in some way, these opportunities are crushed so the native has to surpass this obstacle to growth.

In this scenario, Saturn in Sagittarius can manifest as someone who has had to form their own beliefs in life due to lack of guidance, education, or faith in others. Because life was not as generous for them, they have dug their own trenches and reinvented their own wheel for the sake of their own growth. Even though everyone in their environment may let life slip by, these natives pay attention to every detail and store it in a scrapbook of goals and achievements they wish to accomplish someday.

This can lead them to be geniuses in a general sense, where they are easily adaptable to any setting; alternatively they can be boastful brats who think that all they have achieved was by their own doing. In one scenario, the former native doesn’t lose his innocent curiosity and optimism to continue moving forward and learning. The brat sees his plateau as the only achievement, failing to realize that mountain he rests his back against to rest is the next challenge. If your natal Saturn lies in Sagittarius, no matter what be mindful of where you could continue to expand your knowledge and what those barriers are in your personal experience.

Once the Saturn return hits, these natives soar into the air to experience everything their imaginations conjured during their “imprisonment”. Then they get to have the material experience of everything as well, which is the Saturnian side of things. Natives with natal Saturn in Sagittarius also learn the lesson of frugality, as they must experience the consequences of overindulging wholeheartedly.


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