Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn, planet of responsibility, challenges, limitations, delays, and mastery, in Capricorn, the sign of ambition, accomplishment, labor, struggle, and discipline. In his home sign, Saturn is laborious, experienced, and ambitious.

Saturn finally finds himself back home in Capricorn, the sign of the sea-goat. Capricorn is the perfect sign for Saturn; Capricorn represents career and vocation, worldly status, the tenth house, and struggle and challenges. Capricorn embodies these grave topics, being activated during the most difficult season on Earth. Only those who put in efforts the months prior to winter planting seeds and sowing crops will survive.

Fortunately, natives with Saturn in Capricorn are just fine with that. They enjoy receiving the fruits of their labor because they are ambitious; they are always working as Capricorn is a cardinal/moving sign. These natives tend to be go-getters, patient, hardworking, disciplined, and stoic. They may bury themselves in their work, whether a job, career or self-employment, leaving loved ones feeling cold at home. They are skilled at structuring, organizing, planning and mapping. People with Saturn in Capricorn work best in a position where they can take their time to utilize all the wisdom and experience they have accumulated to deliver the best service or product.

Saturn being at home means the other signs can relax. Natal Saturn in Capricorn directs Saturn’s energy towards career, achievement, and the world at large. This is where Saturn shines, a contrast to his dismal travel through personal Aries and Cancer. Hence, unless there are poor aspects to Saturn, these natives do not experience much disappointment in most areas of life.

However, Saturn is still the planet of challenges and frustration, of lessons and tests, and of worry, doubt, and anxiety. These natives suffer the same trials that we all do, but mainly in career, vocation, and their public image. Sure, these natives may be hard working, observant, honorable; but they choose laborious, nose-to-the-grindstone jobs like carpentry, construction, business managing, perhaps even working their way up the corporate ladder to join the C-suite. They also choose their employment thinking for the long haul. These natives may earn money much sooner than their peers, but they also have to suffer some separation or isolation from them.

If these natives can learn to flow with Saturn’s delays and limitations instead of bemoaning them, they will find that the wait was worth it nine times out of ten. Life challenges will prove to them that they are more than capable. People with Saturn in Capricorn need to learn to appreciate their tribulations; difficult moments will mold them into the masters of tomorrow, if they would pay attention and pick up on small details that will improve their efficiency. Taking little steps like this daily and sooner in life will aggregate over time and build the experience and wisdom they will need to teach in their later years.

By now, reader, you know the other side of Saturn’s coin: having natal Saturn in Capricorn can also be a curse for career. This placement could symbolize little opportunity to find stable employment or employment that pays well. These natives are likely to have very particular jobs that they will find themselves struggling to stay in or keep. Either the boss will be a stern, unbending jerk, or the work itself will be strenuous on the mind or body. They will be frustrated by their lack of attractive options to be self-sufficient, growing sullen and disappointed. They will not find a suitable, decent career until after their Saturn return at 28-30 years old. They are likely to have a poor reputation among their peers as the one who always has trouble holding or finding a job.

This split depends on the aspects made to the natal Saturn. Saturn well-aspected gives boons for many, many years, as Saturn elongates such things. When Sun or Moon make positive aspects to Saturn, these natives are physically and emotionally fit for several decades. On the flip side, Saturn poorly-aspected to the Sun or Moon means there is a leakage of discipline, focus, or determination. These people are easily distracted and therefore lack the sober-mindedness to be taken seriously. They quarrel with authority figures and despise traditional values and rules. So it goes for the rest of the planets and their symbolism.

That being said, people with Saturn in Capricorn can be incredibly determined and focused on their primary goals. The staying power of the earth signs is unmatched by the other elements, and the cardinal nature of Capricorn encourages these natives to act on the world stage. Their determination and ambition can land them a high-ranking position at work, giving them the much desired control over others. When these natives are in charge, there is no mercy for rule breakers. Saturn is the karmic planet, the law bringer, doling out to each what we deserve. Unless Jupiter lies in a compassionate sign or is contacting Saturn in some manner, these natives have potential to be ruthless.

Finally, natives with this placement need to be careful of falling into phases of depression and avoid soaking in their gloom and doom. Understand that they have a high propensity to be melancholic with Saturn in Capricorn. That’s not to say they are always crying or listening to sad tunes; the rest of the chart, especially Mercury, will dictate their sense of humor and optimism.

All in all, these natives are lucky to have Saturn at home. This placement is indicative of a someone who will teach others the value of doing work for its own sake. They are likely to have years of vocational experience under their belt, and several references and credentials to back up their work. When it comes to career knowledge, very few know better than someone with natal Saturn in Capricorn.

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