Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn, planet of responsibility, challenges, limitations, delays, and mastery, in Aquarius, sign of intellect and genius, humanity as a whole, and invention. In its traditional sign, Saturn is the progressive and humanitarian authority figure.

The modern ruler of Aquarius is sudden and rebellious Uranus, who spins on his side as he orbits the Sun. How could such a planet have a similar energy to Aquarius, enough to replace Saturn as the traditional ruler? The truth is that they are not different at all, as Saturn in Aquarius symbolizes innovation and progress, yet despair and rebellion.

Saturn binds where it contacts, and Aquarius represents the mind. So these people tend to become attached to ideas that involve humanity as a whole. Social ideas, organizations, crowds, mobs, etc.; all of these become a part of the native’s mental structure. They are easy to adopt social justice brigades and fight for the common fellow. They also have determination and can maintain focus on a particular idea long enough to see it to fruition.

People with natal Saturn in Aquarius tend to be smarter than they think, maybe because their knowledge is in the movement of the people. Others are often telling them their strengths while they doubt or suspect flattery. They are more focused on generalities than personal relationships, as Aquarius is detached from the emotions. These natives can be sober-minded, preferring to leave a good first impression. In this way, they earn a respectable reputation among their social groups, which in turn earns them responsibility in some manner. Often they find themselves wanting to work for their communities, social groups, or in an organization of some kind that aids humanity.

Since Saturn gives his rewards over time, these natives can expect to struggle throughout the first half of life to find a niche in society to service. Many times they will attempt to melt into a social circle, only to feel drastically different from everyone else. These natives sit at the table with friends daydreaming about the true friends they wish to be working with, right now. They may ironically be impatient at their failures in finding like-minded individuals.

Often times they feel incompatible with their peers in the early part of life. They dislike cheap relationships and personalities, though at times they are cheap themselves. When they aren’t among their true friends, these people can play chameleon like the best of them, meshing perfectly with their surroundings. Aquarius gives these natives a boost in socializing, although Saturn still makes it a bit awkward and trial-and-error. These natives can develop a rough exterior after meeting so many people, but deep inside their inner wildness and creativity keeps them open to incoming companions.

When people with natal Saturn in Aquarius turn about 20-21 and start working in the real world and encountering a variety of people, they will learn how truly limited their previous world view was. This timing coincides with the second Saturn square transit to the natal Saturn. At these time, these natives start living life and enjoy being themselves. Without the authority of parents, institutions, teachers, programs, peer pressure and other mandatory processes of growing up in the modern world, these natives become mentally free and can now choose their own path in life.

This age is around when college starts wrapping up and students have to think about where they want to work. It’s right around the second Jupiter return at 24, which is what makes this such a prosperous season for younger adults. Our 20s are supposed to be years of trial and error, where we consider our purpose in life. It would be wise to make the most of out the 20s, as these are going to be the most absorbent years in terms of experience.

The danger with Saturn in Aquarius is that some may get comfortable where they are, sinking into the couch and choosing to remain in their bubble. However, they have to suppress their emotions in order to play at being content. They can easily burst and tap heavily into the rebellious nature of Aquarius. With natal Saturn in Aquarius, the social environment becomes keenly important in the native’s entire thinking process. It influences their creativity, genius, and the intuitive insights they are supposed to receive with this placement.

When they cannot find a proper social group to fit with, they simply become “misfits”, rebels, people who are hard against society and humanity. They begin to despair at the reality that they are indeed “too unique” for society to accept. The explosive and sudden nature of Aquarius suddenly becomes dangerous, especially when these people have influence of some kind. Saturn wants to control society at large, to have it bend to his whim and dances if he so pleases. This energy is similar to how Uranus can be both the genius inventor who contributes to society or the spiked-hair punk who wishes he could tear society down.

Of course these are both prototypical images. Saturn in Aquarius more realistically will manifest as uneasiness in social situations. These natives will bump their head in different environments and settings, until about the Saturn return at age 29-30. At this moment, life experience will introduce these people to a different environment that satisfies their needs. The Saturn return will present an opportunity, a choice for these natives: continue to lay on the couch and pretend to enjoy what they call life; or venture into the unknown and discover a new part of themselves.

These natives will be lead by intuitive synchronicities that just flow. This will be surprising considering their previous failures in social settings, so they will know that this new environment is the perfect place to begin their work. And once they begin working, these people will already be masters at communicating with a vast amount of people. They should have experience with public speaking or with some having responsibility over a group or organization. If not, then the Saturn return will likely force their hand into some humanitarian effort or social agenda.

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