5 Tips for Dealing with Cancer in Love

Relationships are not for the weak-hearted; they take dedication, patience, and above all, understanding of your partner. Astrology can help people to understand each other, which leads to acceptance of our partners. When we can accept our partners, we allow them to become their best selves. When we try to change our spouse, we lose interest anyway, so understanding your partner remains one of the keys to a successful relationship and marriage.

This post will look at the Cancer individual particularly in a committed relationship. These tips are not really for casual dating. You will make greater use all of these tips if you are in a committed relationship or married to a Cancer.

Note that not every Cancer is the same, but they will share similar tendencies.

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1. Cancers Tend to Be Clingy

The symbol of Cancer is the crab, with two pincers that can vice grip objects or assailants. For Cancer natives, they tend to grip onto people they really like. Hence, if you are in a relationship with a Cancer, you may have noticed the first few dates that your Cancer partner was touchy-feely, very absorbed in you, and kind of obsessed. This is the nature of Cancer to get emotionally attached to things for which they have strong feelings. Congratulations! You’ve just become another thing for them to get attached to.

It may be physical, but Cancers can easily get emotionally attached as well. They will develop feelings faster than you, which could lead to a dependency on you for positive emotions. They may contact and suggest to visit you quite often, disallowing you time to yourself. In these cases, voicing your opinion over needing some space goes a long way if you can finesse the conversation. After all, you aren’t completely pushing away your partner, just asking for some personal time for yourself. Most likely, they will expect that conversation as they have been attaching to many people and things over their lives. Just keep it cordial.

2. Ride the Emotional Rollercoaster

The ruler of Cancer is the Moon, who zooms through the entire zodiac in less than a month. Cancer natives are always subject to the position of the Moon on any given day, so unless you are acutely aware of how the Moon is transiting through your partner’s houses, everyday will seem an adventure.

For maybe two days the moon may transit through your partner’s first house; at this time they are extra sensitive, especially to remarks about their body or their personality, and may take any comments or jokes too seriously. Then the next day or two, as the Moon traverses through the second house, they become less sensitive about personal remarks and more attached to belongings. They are subject to emotional spending and feel strongly attached to their values. Then the next day or two, as the Moon moves through the third house, they are an emotional chatterbox able to voice feelings they may have been repressing the past few days. All that within one week, and so on for the rest of the houses that month.

If you are lucky enough to be in a relationship with a Cancer who has natal Mars in Cancer or natal Mars squaring or opposing their natal Moon, you will be subject to dramatic event after dramatic event as Moon and Mars together often suggest a love of personal drama. Just make sure the drama does not include you and your partner!

3. Strong Family Ties

Cancer is the sign of the family, so naturally these natives are very attached to their family. They likely have close relationships with their parents, especially the mother, asking for their advice regularly. They may even still receive assistance from their family, financial or otherwise. You may have noticed their relationship with their family has been difficult to override, since you would like to start a family of your own.

And naturally these natives do want to start their own families. In fact, until you start your own family with your partner, they will stick with the family they have now wishing for their own. The point is to not be discouraged by your partner’s attachment to their family. Most Cancer Sun natives have this attachment until they develop their own brood to manage. Likely this will not be a hinderance in your own relationship.

It WILL be a hinderance, however, when your partner prefers to go to their family behind your back rather than deal with problems in your relationship head on. The Cancer nature runs when it detects danger, and if your partner is not mature enough to discuss relationship issues, he or she may run to seek comfort in the familiar arms of their nuclear family. Thus they will ask for advice on how to deal with you. Hopefully the family is kind; otherwise you will become the subject of another cosmic drama to them, and your partner will share your secrets and habits and everything you have done, in an attempt to get the “right” advice or the “right” answer from their family to handle the situation.

In these cases, remind your partner than your relationship is between the both of you and that you would prefer to deal with any issues that arise together. Most Cancer natives will either understand your request or pretend to understand to prevent any emotional damage to either of you. In both cases, you have made it clear what you desire; the rest lies on your partner.

4. Deep Emotional Intimacy

Cancer is a feminine sign, watery, and very submissive. These natives enjoy partners that take control and are direct. Cancer natives will act shy and timid around people they like, hoping that their partner will strip away their defenses and get to the soft, gooey insides waiting for them. If the Cancer’s partner is shy too or nervous around the Cancer native, the Cancer will sense the discord immediately and will be on edge, unable to really get in the mood. So with your Cancer partner, you must show him or her that they have what you want and you are confident about getting it. They will respect your actions and feel that you have an idea of what you are doing, so they trust you enough turn their brain off for a minute.

Cancer is a water sign so things could get wet! If you lead your partner through your intimate moments, they will retort with their inspirational creativity and imagination. Sex with a Cancer who is committed to you and who loves you is an adventure. For these natives, sex is extremely personal and they would prefer the things they do in the bedroom to be private. So you may get into some nasty, “creative” stuff with a Cancer native whom, to others outside the relationship, may seem innocent and naïve.

5. Emotions vs. Logic

If you are a logic-heavy person, you probably go through your day taking actions based on your reasoning. You’re probably used to taking your time and thinking through your actions. Well when you’re dating a Cancer, you can throw that out the window. Your partner is likely to make many of his or her choices based on their feelings at that moment. For them the emotions influence the will, so considering how quickly the moon shifts through signs, you can guess how many emotions these people churn out in one week.

Hopefully you are a person who takes reality for consideration. You might have to be the realistic weight that balances the relationship and helps to bring some soundness to your relationship goals. Your partner may try to influence you to agree with them by claiming they are simply following their intuition. Even in the case that were true, there is nothing wrong with double-checking the results of an action with possible long-term consequences. Dealing with realistic, measurable consequences is much more doable and concrete than arguing about whether intuition or an emotional whim is valid.


So, did these tips resonate with you? How has your experience seriously dating a Cancer been? Do you have any tips you’d like to share? Comment down below! Or, if you’d like a complete analysis of your relationship or marriage, you can contact me here for a synastry reading.

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