Where did I go?

Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. This is me overworked and tired. But it’s Aquarius season so insights are flying into my mind. More videos are coming as we dip into this next season soon. I hope that they will explain things in a clear and concise manner!

Money Talks

I started working at a newspaper studio and it’s been fun to learn how they print the papers, send them out and everything. I enjoy the work, but boy it is tiring.

It kind of takes my energy away from this. As much as I enjoy my time there, I would really like to work more on astrology really. For only a few hours a week do I get to study astrology, attempting to keep my skills up to par. I have a few interesting drafts in the mix as well, so make sure to subscribe above so you can stay tuned.

As such, I have also been thinking of ways to monetize this website. Ultimately, if I’m making some type of money from it, I’ll definitely be motivated to keep building the site and working on newer projects.

Don’t worry; videos are still coming soon. I know I’ve been saying that for a while, but I’m the type of person who takes a minute to get settled into a new routine. After just finishing that full-stack engineering program and now working a local job that’s more physically demanding, I didn’t really have time to destress and relax for too long.

Catching Zzzs

Sleep has also been weird. Been finding it hard to sleep a full night through. Now I’m waking up anywhere from 2-4am. It makes working really hard. Especially since I also make videos for video games, which you can check out here. Gaming is sort of how I relax, though I am trying to be more social as well by looking for events and such that pique my curiosity.

But I think all this stress is getting to me. Just the stress of everything, and not really having anyone to talk to about things. I stay awake so long just overthinking, and I just pump back a melatonin to force it. I just keep pushing, alone and solitary. One day perhaps, things can change for the positive.

Making Videos

If you haven’t already, I’ve launched two short videos on a topic I thought was very interesting, the Law of Attraction. Recently I’ve learned a lot about how the LoA functions, so I wanted to share such a powerful tool.

And yes, I know I keep talking about making videos, but I will begin making videos on the Sun signs, moon signs, and ascendant signs soon. I think these are a good place to start because then we can get into integrating the three together to create the overall profile of an individual.

Once you can have your own individual profile – consisting of your Sun info, Moon info, and Asc info – you can order your own life according to your flow as life throws you challenges.

It will all make sense. Right now I am but a madman.

If you have any topics you wanna see covered, you can contact me through this form here or leave a comment below.


Finally, one last thing I have thought about is combining all of the planets in signs pages into one neat little PDF file that you can have on your phone, computer, or wherever you need astrology.

I will also add a more personal touch to this PDF, by adding how each planet would influence each Sun sign as well.

That would be about the closest comparison to how your own natal planet would function in your life. That is why for some people, Saturn in Taurus can lift them high into the sky or leave you penniless. It’s all about working with different energies and understanding how they integrate and mesh together.

Final Thoughts

2022 has been shaping up to be a personal year for career growth and financial foundation. I think this year, I should be able to share this new maturity I’m currently gaining with my astrology work.

I can only hope that my work can somehow help you, and if it has or does it some way, please feel free to donate or buy me a pizza. Astrology really is a thankless job for the amount of revelation and life-changing advice it can bestow, so any amount you can give truly does help! Not to mention it keeps me focused and engaged with the website.

Anywho, this post has gone on long enough. I just wanted people to know I’m not dead and still here. Thanks for reading if you got this far, and subscribe already!! 🙂

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