USA Pluto Return

This Pluto Return was exact on February 22, 2022. If that is not a comical amount of 2’s for you (a.k.a.2/22/2022) then I don’t know what is. The universe certainly has a sense of humor by the way it is blatantly telling this entire country that our relationship with material reality is about to shift.

2 is the number of balance, peace, and harmony. People born under this number are generally kind and well-liked by other numbers. It also highlights compromises, deals, and cooperation. These are all things to keep in mind in the upcoming years as we act out the Pluto Return in real time.

Pluto stands for:

  • transformation; change; metamorphosis
  • healing; regeneration; rejuvenation; rebirth
  • death; endings; shadow self; darkness; evil
  • intense or deep emotions; trauma; obession
  • survival; bare necessities; stripping away what is no longer needed
  • oil, mines; things buried; hidden things; subconscious

Pluto is in the second house of the united States’ chart. The second house represents:

  • money, finances, banking
  • family values, traditions, likes/dislikes
  • possessions, personal spending power, etc.

This means these areas of life are likely to undergo a vast change for the USA.

For some it will be very emotionally triggering.

People are likely to focus obsessively more on the bare necessities.

Survival becomes most valuable above all.

A regeneration of a system already broken.

Different perspectives arise concerning current possessions as well as future spending.

Lots of emotional trauma both inflicted by the circumstances and discovered by people’s new-found freedom and regained power.

Restricting one’s contacts to a handful.

Rebirth of new values, new traditions.

Transforming the monetary system.

Resources become power.

The Pluto Return in Capricorn

A collective awakening of the people; holding evil accountable; addressing power imbalances in government; change of power structure in government.

major environmental issues (as Pluto represents muck, pollution, damage, destruction, and Capricorn is an earth sign)

How to work with it individually:

  • may have to mentally prepare to let go of anything at any time
  • stock resources (food & finances)
  • expect people to appear/disappear out of your life due to necessity & circumstances
  • expect big, powerful government movements, and plan accordingly
  • expect a change in power structure or in ownership of material goods
  • expect some variant of destruction/regeneration among these themes

What do YOU think?

How do you think this Pluto Return will manifest? I’m sure it already has begun, given Pluto’s slow movements. Where is transiting Pluto in your natal chart now?

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