5 Tips Dealing with Virgo in Love

Relationships are not for the weak-hearted; they take dedication, patience, and above all, understanding of your partner. Astrology can help people to understand each other, which leads to acceptance of our partners. When we can accept our partners, we allow them to become their best selves. When we try to change our spouse, we lose interest anyway, so understanding your partner remains one of the keys to a successful relationship and marriage.

This post will look at the Virgo individual particularly in a committed relationship. These tips are not really for casual dating. You will make greater use all of these tips if you are in a committed relationship or married to a Virgo.

Note that not every Virgo is the same, but they will share similar tendencies.

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1. Big Brother is Watching

Virgos are creatures of habit and are very perceptive. They will notice the small things you do around the home and may voice their opinion about what you do. This may cause some issues if you feel that you are being personally judged for your habits. Know that your partner is not trying to pass judgment on you or make you feel self-conscious about yourself. Rather they are trying to help you optimize your own workflow. If this get invasive, let your partner know early so that resentment does not build up.

2. Quid Pro Quo

Typically Virgo partners are extremely aware of the give and take in relationships. They enjoy giving to their partners, Virgo being the sign of service. But they can expect too much from their partner, and sometimes this causes problems. If you don’t live up to their exacting demands, then you can feel your efforts were for naught. Talk to your partner and help them to get past their perfectionism to accept what you can offer. They might not even realize how they are making you feel.

3. Your Personal Assistant

Since Virgo is the sign of service, these natives love to serve their partner. They enjoy doing things for their partner – that makes both of their lives more efficient. Your Virgo partner may be great at buying groceries, finding clothing sales, and other financial tricks. They may organize furniture in the home so that more space can be utilized. They may prep meals for the family so that less time is wasted thinking about what to eat. They may clean and tidy up the home as well. If you work from home, your Virgo partner could even be your personal assistant, helping to manage files, calls, emails, and other tasks you put to them.

4. Sexually Traditional

With a Virgo partner, don’t expect wild sex. They typically do just enough to get their partners or themselves off, which could be great for some but insufficient for others. That does not mean your partner cannot learn to get freaky; in fact they will be more than happy to learn what pleases you and willing to practice to get skilled at it. You should also ask your partner what they enjoy also to fulfill their mental give-and-take tally.

5. Improving Through Analysis and Critique

Going back to your Virgo partner’s tendency to critique: they do this only because it is in their nature. Virgos want to be of value by improving the lives of their employer, the community, or in this case their partner. They “nag” because they want to add their value to the relationship. Perhaps listen to what they are saying sometimes. Does what they “nag” about actually have merit? Your partner likely has a lot to say about your family’s lifestyle, so listen and see if you can integrate their talking points in the relationship.


So, did these tips resonate with you? How has your experience committing to a Virgo been? Do you have any tips you’d like to share? Comment down below! Or, if you’d like a complete analysis of your relationship or marriage, you can contact me here for a synastry reading.

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