Why the Moon is the Enemy of Your Intentions

I often see a lot of posts, videos, and comments on the motions of the Moon during the course of the year. These people give very detailed explanations about full moon, new moon, and eclipse charts. Eclipse charts are admittedly very important when it comes to astrology and the possible results of those phenomenon. Eclipses enact very powerful forces on the Earth, creating tension and action.

Full moons and new moons, on the other hand, are debatable. Remember that the moon is associated with our emotions, reactions, our past, personality, and memory. Although all these qualities help us get through life, ultimately they can prevent us from realizing our truest potential.

Noel Tyl, a late great astrologer who has published dozens of books and videos for astrological education, made a powerful observation that the moon in our charts represents “emotional needs” that we need to have fulfilled in order to feel comfortable, safe, and other positive qualities we associate with a satisfied emotional state.

Don’t get me wrong, emotions are cool, but there is insurmountable evidence that acting on emotions is not necessarily in our best interest. Sure, our emotions can point us in the right direction; our gut feelings can accurately depict our desires in a given moment. But after the gut feelings, our logical side should come through and find the reasoning behind our choices. Often we find, after an emotional decision was made, that if we had only thought our decision through, we could have gotten a better deal.

When we act from our emotions, we are letting our bodies get the better of us. We as human beings can develop higher levels of thought like philosophy and metaphysics, observe reality and create mathematical systems that describe natural interactions, debate theoretical topics, and build huge machines that help us do work that would otherwise be too demanding for man to perform. These are actions performed from our logical side, our intentional side. However, when we act from our emotions, we are utilizing a more primal, elementary side of ourselves. We are not rationalizing the situation, we are just acting on a bodily sensation.

Actions need logic and meticulous observation to carry out. You cannot build a house just because you are excited about building it; you need to properly lay a foundation, set up a blueprint of house you will build, hire the right team after doing some local research, then get to work moving the ingredient of your future home, etc. You cannot move the wood and nails of your future home only with your excitement; the entire process takes actual effort and awareness. Your excitement shows that clearly you desire building the house, but the planning, finances, and time it takes will truly determine your “excitement”.

In much the same way, we are all building our own homes in this life. We each have our own lessons in life to learn, our own hurdles to jump over, and accomplishments to boast. When we act from our emotions, we essentially cease listening to our sound reasoning and instead listen to the physiological responses of the body. And although, as I said above, reactions like gut feelings can point you in the right direction, ultimately we have to start walking in that direction with intention. Our decisions are more fulfilling when they are based on sound reasoning from our intentional selves and not purely based on emotions that arise in the moment.

I want to get more into this now, but my time has been so short lately. This post will be a series where I show just how damaging the moon can actually be if we aren’t aware of the motivations of our actions.

But until then, thanks for reading!

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