Saturn in Sixth House

Natal Saturn in the sixth house indicates an individual with good work ethic. The sixth house rules our daily habits and duties at work, whereas the tenth house is our career and calling in life. In the sixth house we begin dealing with the realities of life, as the sixth house is loosely tied to the sign Virgo.

Saturn in the sixth house people apply a slow and steady approach to their work. They are very hardworking, sometimes to the detriment of their own health (as the sixth house also rules diet, health and medicine). They take work seriously and prefer jobs where they can put their nose to the grindstone and zone out distractions.

In this house we also examine the skills we put towards our work. Natal Saturn in the sixth house indicates that practice will make perfect. If these natives can overcome the initial challenges of beginning a project or a new skill, they will achieve a level of mastery that they can demonstrate to their employer and perhaps receive more profit and attention.

However, natives with this placement do not require attention or recognition for their hard work – that will depend on Mars’ placement in the natal chart. For them, the satisfaction lies in the accomplishment of a job well done, especially if it is in the service of an employer. These natives are perfectionists, so they have no problem giving a project their attention and energy. They should be careful to not beat themselves up only being human; no one is perfect. These natives tend to scrutinize their own work too harshly.

Since the sixth house does represent health, and Saturn does always shows some misfortune or obstacle, these natives should expect some health and medical issues in life. Care should be taken that medical bills do not become a source of concern. A healthy, balanced diet and healthy habits – like exercising, a physical hobby, or walking – helps these natives out. Pets and domestic animals may also be a source of financial misfortune, as veterinarian bills are also expensive.

Finally, with the accolades and certifications that these natives may gain, they may eventually become employers themselves. In this position, natal Saturn in the sixth could represent some misfortune from one’s servants or employees. These natives will have to learn the hard way how to earn respect from their workers in order to receive the best benefits from this Saturn.

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