Mercury in Ninth House

Natal Mercury in the ninth house represents a curious and electric mind. These people are philosophical and desire quality knowledge in life. Often they are found pursuing higher education or researching about different cultures. The ninth house is a great spot for Mercury to explore different cultures and ideas throughout life.

It is common for these natives to have a love of language, debate, law, religion, and other philosophical topics represented by the ninth house. They are likely to love learning about foreign cultures, reading cultural literature such as mythologies and histories, and traveling to foreign locales either for learning or for sightseeing.

Natal Mercury in the ninth signifies an individual adept at intellectual pursuits. Because they are so curious, they are observant and notice opportunity in their peripheral much sooner than others. This will ultimately depend on the sign that Mercury is in; however, the ninth house is a very brainy and rational part of the chart and Mercury matches that description well.

As stated, these natives may have an interest in long distance travel, perhaps for leisure, but Mercury can signify business dealings too. People with Mercury in the ninth house may find themselves traveling for their jobs, or they may find the right job for them after they have moved home. If they find themselves compelled to share what they learn, these natives may also become teachers.

What these people have most of above all is a strong curiosity in religion and dogmatic traditions, spiritual beliefs and occult teachings. The ninth house brings all of these topics to the forefront of these natives minds and they are always idly thinking about the infinite and the intangible side of life. They are likely to research literature and other resources to find the answers they seek – and they would do well to live by the wise teachings they discover.

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