Venus in the Tenth House

Natal Venus in the tenth house represents someone who is attractive to the world. They hold women in high regard, and are likely to receive assistance from women throughout life. The tenth is the house of our career and employers. Financially these natives gain well from their careers which allows them a luxurious lifestyle. Beauty in all its forms is very important to these natives. Music, art, and women are some of the thoughts on their minds.

With Venus in the tenth house the career will be what the native earns for him/herself. This placement makes him attractive to many employers, either due to physical attraction, tactfulness, or due to merit. If the employer is a woman, she will cut many breaks on the native’s behalf and increase the native’s network. The native will be paid handsomely and he will have opportunity to grow in his career if he so chooses.

This placement of Venus may also lead to favoring one parental figure over the other. There may be a natural tendency to be more forgiving, understanding, or giving to one parent over the other. Likely that parent may be the father (tenth house), but it depends on which parent is more outgoing and authoritative.

Someone with natal Venus in the tenth house may favor women in general themselves. They admire beauty, and beautiful women are no exception. If Venus has hard aspects from Mars or Pluto, people can form an addiction to seeing gorgeous women and flock to spaces where they can satisfy this addiction. Care must be taken to be temperate with their indulgent nature, especially as Venus rewards these natives from their careers.

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