Mars in the Eleventh House

Natal Mars in the eleventh house indicates an individual who strives to achieve their dreams and goals. They identify strongly with their social groups and enjoy social activities. The eleventh house rules over organizations, collectives, friends, as well as our gains from our career – as the eleventh house is second from the tenth house.

Because Mars is so energetic and driven, people with natal Mars in their eleventh house generally make friends easily, especially with the same sex. Mars represents our ego so these natives always associate with people who share the same ideas. Others who disagree or who would debate these natives are also welcomed. Mars likes debate and controversy, more so if Mercury is forming any aspect to Mars or is in Aries.

This placement suggests that these natives enjoy working for the good of the group. “All for one – and one for all.” All of their passion is put into projects that involve other people, though not necessarily the less fortunate. Others can be attracted to their magnetic attitude, hence why these people make friends easily. The eleventh house represents the love that we receive from others. When natal Mars is in this house, these people may put a lot of effort into getting validation from peers and groups.

However, if Mars has troubling aspects, this could instead manifest as someone who prefers yes men – people who already agree with the native’s point of view – over people who have differing opinions. They may also be easily angered or rebellious and often fight against the grain.

With Mars in the eleventh and without many undesirable aspects, there is great opportunity to financially gain from the career. If Mars is in Aries or Scorpio, without bad aspects, this placement can suggest a go-getter attitude, someone who is constantly breaking their own limits and accomplishing their own personal goals. He spreads this perspective where he goes, wearing his heart on his sleeve so that he can identify, link up with and work with like-minded people.

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