Moon in the First House

Natal Moon in the first house symbolizes someone who identifies strongly with the emotions. The mother figure has a strong influence on the sense of self and purpose. This native may be family driven, sensitive, compassionate and defensive of his or her loved ones. The first house represents the physical appearance, the face, and the sense of identity.

People with Moon in the first are typically feminine or have a delicate frame. They are sensitive to the weather and like to wear comfortable clothing. Their homes are a direct reflection of their our identity and are safe havens for these natives to retreat. The home is a place to express their creativity and personality.

Although some aspect of their life will likely be public, people with natal Moon in the first house value their privacy. They are sensitive about personal issues, especially if the native’s Sun is a fire sign or Mars is negatively aspecting the Moon. They may secretly write poetry, paint, draw, or other artistic ventures. Or they could be fortunate to be in a career where they can profit from their art.

The mother figure has a strong influence on these natives’ sense of identity. How she raises and encourages these natives will predict how comfortable they are being themselves. Therefore the relationship with the mother will be important for healthy self expression. Tensions between the mother will cause them to fight their own instincts and emotions to appease her.

If these natives find themselves having emotion issues in their adult life or experiencing blockages with their creativity or self expression, they might benefit from going through therapy to relieve any traumas and lingering childhood wounds. Healing will free these natives to act as their true selves.

Finally, because the Moon is variable, natives with Moon in the first house must be aware of their changing moods every month. The Moon’s cycle will certainly have an affect on how they appear, so clothing style and their personality can shift daily. When they get a handle on their down days and high days, they can plan their lives accordingly and start making the most of their erratically passionate moments.

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