Mars in the Third House

Natal Mars in the third house indicates an active communicator, quick learner, and an active sibling. Mars is our ego and sex drive. It also represents physical activity, aggression, violence, war, and passion. The third house rules over how we communicate, our mental patterns, and our relationships with our siblings.

With natal Mars in the third house, these natives are enthusiastic in their speech. They likely talk quicker than their brains can think. When expressing opinions, they speak excitedly in an aggressive tone. They are fast readers and enjoy literature, writing, sending snail mail, and debating.

Just as quickly can these natives learn and adapt mentally to new environments. They are perceptive and can make quick deductions based on what they see. Pushing them too hard may result in sarcasm and bitterness. Mars is impulsive, so they can make early assumptions and defend their incomplete view. They take it personal because they presume that you must be attacking their intelligence, but if the evidence is right they will correct themselves no problem.

They like to be informed on their favorite topics. Likely they enjoy reading and have an active mind. Things like trivia, biographies, current events, and stock prices are what keeps these people occupied. In grammar school, these natives may have shown a lot of passion and could have been hard to control.

If they are raised to be active on a field, they could be great in athletics, especially if Mars is in Gemini or in soft aspect to Mercury. This way they let some aggression out in a more productive way. Alternatively, the brothers or sisters can be a source of competition to keep these natives on their toes.

People with natal Mars in the third house dislike boredom and boring people. They are always active in their own heads and so want to accompany themselves with people they think are on their own level. With people who are slow on the uptake, they may be a bit more impatient or poke fun at their expense.

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