Jupiter in the Fourth House

Natal Jupiter in the fourth house suggests an abundance of emotional expression, many opportunities at home, and a large family tree. Jupiter is the expansive principle in astrology, growing whatever it touches in the natal chart. It also represents joy, providence, philanthropy, compassion, and morality. The fourth house concerns the family, real estate, genetics and heredity. It is similar to Cancer, which Jupiter rules.

With Jupiter in the fourth house, these people express their emotions dramatically in childhood. Their family will become used to these displays, but later in life they must learn to tone down the emotional outbursts and consider those around them. As children, they are likely to become attached to the home or mother figure, seeing them as wise and safe. The mother could also be a prominent figure in the public, or else the native will have much respect for her.

Jupiter in the fourth represents having plenty of family members or an extended family tree. The nuclear family could be larger than average, which means siblings and parents may look out and guide them in a moral direction. As such these natives grow to be humble and generous.

If these natives research their family lineage, they could find some secrets possibly leading to inheritance. (However for more details on receiving an inheritance, study the eighth house closely.) Not only could these natives find out they have high status individuals in their family line, they might also be due some land, finances or property based on their blood ties.

Jupiter in the fourth indicates much success when it comes to owning land property. Even without a link to the past, these natives could benefit from being landlords. If they can develop an sixth sense for flipping real estate, this can become a great career that allows them the freedom to do whatever they truly want.

Jupiter in the fourth also indicates one’s own home being a great source of revelry and contentment. There may be so many options in the home that these natives often procrastinate or indulge in their favorite past times over doing actual work. What can work is setting an intention for being home so that you have a clear direction instead of becoming overloaded with side activities.

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