Venus in the First House

Natal Venus in the first house suggests someone with an attractive body, particularly in the face. He is a socialite by nature, a reveler at heart, and a deviant when alone. Venus represents the social aspect of human nature – that part of us that relates emotionally to others and to objects. The first house is all about our physical body, our appearance, and also our purpose and identity.

When Venus lies in the first house in the horoscope, the native is usually charming without even trying. All of her mannerisms and facial expressions come off graceful and disarming. She may also come from a wealthy family, or use her beauty or social grace in some way to generate income. As a result, she is very lascivious, often a man-eater if not following traditional relationship roles.

As Venus represents sensual desire, these natives can be very selfish in lovemaking, dating, and in satisfying sensual pleasures. They can be resourceful in itching their scratches without worrying about the other party. However, even when this does create issues in their lives, people with natal Venus in the first house can smile and say the usual sweet one-liners to swoon the crowd to their side again.

Natives with this placement have to be careful that they avoid being too vain and prideful of their magnetic gifts. The physical doesn’t last after all, and so the personality will be forced to adjust in later life if these natives do not practice humility. You have to battle with learning to be humble given that other people are constantly validating your elegant style.

Other roles for this placement are as liaison between opposing parties, ambassadors, diplomats, negotiators; modelling, theatre, dancing, and other professions that involves grace and body control; musicians, artists of varying kind; fashion designers, beauticians, make-up artists, costume designers; event and party planning, hosts/hostesses, hotel or restaurant managers, catering.

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