Eighth House

Where the seventh house represents our partner, the eighth house rules our partner’s belongings and values (being opposed to the more personal second house), obligations, taxes, death, inheritance, and the sex act. It governs regeneration, growth, development, the occult and things hidden.

The fear surrounding discussion of this house is mostly due to fear of death, as the eighth house signifies loss. In modern times, the idea of loss can be interpreted in several ways. Now this house beckons us to look deeper and to not accept any concept, even death, at face value. This is why it is frequently associated with esoteric and hidden knowledge. Transformation is another aspect of loss seen through the eighth house, and it is through letting go of what we once were that we can become much greater.

Eighth house is associated with Scorpio and therefore is co-ruled by Mars and Pluto. These two planets should indicate how intense this house is. The eighth house rules the groin and reproductive organs. It is succedant.

Planets in the eighth house represent an ability to regenerate and grow the energies associated with the planets. Negatively it can mean an attachment to others’ values and a desire to control them. The sign on the eighth house cusp will determine how the native views the topic of death, sex, obligation, and may indicate the likelihood (or not) of receiving an inheritance.

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