Eleventh House

The house following the tenth of careers and public appearance represents our gains from our work, being the second from the tenth. In the eleventh house our friends, organizations, and groups are concerned. It symbolizes our goals, wishes, and dreams. It is also the love we receive from others.

Although this house shares the humanitarian view of Aquarius, the eccentric and unpredictable qualities take a back seat here. Uranus is the natural ruler of the eleventh house. It is succedant, so planets here act normally. The eleventh house is within the fourth quadrant of worldly consciousness, and it pertains to how we connect with our section of humanity.

Planets found in the eleventh house direct their energies towards our friends or social circles. This can affect how we feel loved by them, whether we make friends easily, or if we have trouble making connections. Signs on the eleventh house cusp show how we view groups and friendships.

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