Fifth House

The fourth house dealt with our core emotional issues, and the fifth house is how we choose to express them. It is when we feel most comfortable that we begin to express ourselves creatively. We will then see in the sixth house how that creativity is put to work.

Pleasure in all its contexts is represented by the fifth house, including gambling, games, theater, music, artisans, and love. Sex and children are also fifth house ideas. Well aspected planets can signal an ease of self-expression and good fortune with children; poorly aspected planets show stiffness and difficulty being expressive and hardships dealing with or having children.

This house is related to the sign Leo and hence its ruling planet is the Sun. It is succedant. It rules the chest, heart and upper back area.

Planets in the fifth house influence our views on children, how we express ourselves creatively, how easily (or not) we can express ourselves, and what activities we enjoy. The sign found on the fifth house cusp will interpret how the native experiences fun events, self-expression and their perspective on children.

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