Ninth House

The seventh house concerned itself with loved ones and open foes; the eighth was about other people’s beliefs and belongings. The ninth house brings it all together and asks us to think deeply about our experiences in life. We come to the conclusion of the third quadrant of awareness of others.

Higher education, philosophy, law, justice, foreigners and foreign travel, foreign languages, and worldly ideas are themes of the ninth house. This house opposes our third, which focuses on our familiar settings. Here we have an itch to hear what other countries have to say about politics and religion. The ninth house indicates how the native will approach long distance travel and respond to unfamiliar ideas and philosophies.

It is ruled by Sagittarius, the flaming arrow, representing not only the higher ordeals this house is associated with, but also the communicative, networking nature as well. Jupiter is the ruler of this house. It is cadent, so planets found here will express themselves passively as the native hunts for new ideas.

Planets in this house describe how adamant the native seeks higher education, or how well they can communicate higher ordeals with others and for their own sake.

Signs found on the ninth house cusp will dictate how important the journey of learning is to the native. It will also describe how the individual views foreign cultures and travelling to foreign lands.

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