Seventh House

The seventh house relates to the other, as it opposes the first house of self. This “other” is a close friend, intimate partner, or an open enemy, whether that’s a rival in the workplace or an actual enemy combatant. The seventh house marks the beginning of the third quadrant of the houses, which focuses on awareness of others.

Seventh house dynamics play out similarly to those of the first: it is an angular house, with its house cusp (known as the Descendant) representing the western horizon at a particular time. The sign on the descendant represents the characteristics we desire most in our partner. It will also symbolize how we deal with the public on a personal level. This house is often interpreted as the first house of the marriage partner, close friend, enemy, etc.

The descendant is a sensitive point because it represents the subconscious expectations of the native’s marriage partner or close friends. A Leo rising individual will have Aquarius on his descendant, showing he seeks freedom-seeking individuals. Anyone too attached or vying too hard for attention will immediately turn a Leo ascendant off, barring any planetary aspects that say otherwise.

Conversely, a person with Aquarius rising and Leo on his or her descendant will search for someone creative, loyal, inspirational yet also independent. The attention seeking of the Leo gives the Aquarian individual focus and she appreciates the light and love shone by the Leo ascendant.

The seventh house is ruled by Libra and Venus. It rules the kidneys and lower back.

Planets in the seventh house affect our all our intimate relationships, our business contracts, and how we deal with the public. Signs on the cusp show what we seek from others and how we view other people in general.

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