Twelfth House

Twelfth house ends a trend of self and others and the isolation necessary to regain self awareness, resolving the fourth quadrant of worldly consciousness. It is the last house before the house system begins again at the first.

The meaning surrounding this house is filled with sadness. Here in the twelfth house are hidden sorrows, suppressed talents, incarceration, hospitals and institutions. There is a strong sense of losing one’s will or power with matters of this house.

However there is also a profound sense of spirituality, especially if Jupiter or Neptune is located in this house at birth. Some astrologers believe that Jupiter in the twelfth house is indicative of a guardian angel watching over and guiding the individual through life. Somehow providence always has this person’s back. The individual may have a great respect for history or ancient spiritual beliefs. Some natives express their planets here as service to humanity.

Neptune and Jupiter are the natural rulers of this house, along with Pisces being the ruling sign. It is cadent so planets here will not be too active. What tends to happen is their effect is somehow muted or unacknowledged by others, leading to unhappiness or lack of recognition for one’s talents, especially if the Sun or Mars is found here. These people tend to work better alone where they can mature their talents on their own time.

Signs found on the twelfth house cusp are generally what causes the native grief in life. Look to the ruling planet of that sign to receive more information.

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