Key Planets

Know which planet can help your career.

Astrology can help you to manage your life more efficiently. If you know your temperament for work, you can learn quicker and make more strides using less energy. Astrology can help you by directing those productive energies in ventures where you can profit.


Whether you write copy, create specific content, or maintain your own blog, astrology can help you gain an advantage. Knowing which planets are important for writing, communication, and publishing can give you the edge in your work.

Depending on what sign your planets are in, you may express those energies in a particular way. We can explore how that can be profitable as a writer.

(You also probably want to know more about your third/ninth houses.)

Key Planets for Writers

Key Planets for Writers: Jupiter

We return to look at planets and what they signal for us as writers. Last time we looked at Mercury, the ruler of communication. Today we are examining Jupiter, king of the planets.

Key Planets for Writers: Mercury

In this series, we’ll take a look at planets most important to know in your birth chart if blogging or writing is you passion. After all, astrology is about knowing how your planetary placements suggest you act. When you know your own tendencies, you gain a little more control over the animal brain and become…

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